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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test Results

Hi All,

Here are the results from this months kick test.  PB's are highlighted in green.  The next kick test will be held on Monday 2nd November.  

All times from the start of the season can be viewed using the link below.

Well Done!!
The Regional Team

Regional Dev 200M FS Kick
Isla 03:48.44
Sasha 03:54.45
Finlay 03:55.79
Charlotte B 03:56.19
Freya B 04:04.37
Amelia K 04:05.44
Freya J 04:07.22
Robyn 04:07.72
Niamh 04:10.40
Joshua 04:18.66
Aimee 04:22.22
Jolie 04:22.90
Anna 04:24.15
Devon 04:25.98
Rhys 04:29.35
James 04:32.45
Kendra 04:34.69
Lilly 04:35.66
Charlotte K  04:43.33
Amelia A 04:46.74
Zak S 04:52.38
Hugo 04:55.22
Harrison  04:58.70
Jack Sc 05:11.15
Sebastien 06:18.13
Thomas Sp Absent
Thomas K Absent
Lucy S Absent
Henry Absent
Kasja Absent
Alex Absent
Luke Absent
Martha  Absent
Regional Dev 15m U/W
Amelia 9.56
Charlotte B 9.61
Niamh 10.06
Rhys 10.09
Jolie 10.18
Isla 10.21
Sasha 10.51
Finlay 10.65
Devon 10.71
Kendra 10.94
Zak S 11.02
Charlotte K 11.18
Anna 11.45
Freya J 11.5
Aimee 11.51
Joshua  11.56
Sebastien 11.83
Jack Sc 11.83
Freya B 12.03
Lilly 12.11
Robyn  12.13
Harrison 12.23
James 12.6
Amelia A 12.81
Hugo 13.09
Thomas Sp Absent
Thomas K Absent
Lucy  Absent
Kasja Absent
Henry Absent
Luke Absent
Alex Absent
Martha  Absent
Regional Per 200m Fs Kick
Joseph H 03:16.33
Maxim 03:25.97
Ben S 03:27.56
Akal 03:27.93
George 03:29.14
Millie Ta 03:32.11
Safwan 03:40.47
Jacob G 03:42.19
Charlie 03:43.28
Amelie 03:45.47
Isabel B 03:45.50
Jack Se 03:46.47
Joe 03:47.37
Eldrick 03:52.25
Jasmine 03:55.65
Jacob B 03:56.71
Emilio 03:57.25
Freddie 03:57.37
Lara 03:57.81
Abby 03:58.60
Sam 03:58.62
Emily 03:59.03
Matthew W 04:01.69
Josie 04:03.88
William 04:05.72
Jack Mi 04:07.03
Leah 04:07.47
Edie 04:17.88
Isong 04:31.84
Caitlin Absent
Libby Absent
Millie Ai Absent
Harry Absent
Elle Absent
Louis Absent
Mia Absent
Alexandra Absent
Millie Mc Absent
Zak M Absent
Regional Per 15m U/W
Millie Ta 7.36
Akal 8.17
Eldrick 8.58
Jack Mi 8.61
Safwan 8.63
Jacob B 8.76
Joseph H 8.84
Abby 9.09
Isabel B 9.12
George 9.13
Maxim 9.2
Josie 9.21
Ben S 9.31
Jasmine 9.38
Jack Se 9.42
Charlie 9.6
Lara 9.68
Amelie 9.93
Jacob G 9.94
Leah 9.98
Freddie 10.1
Sam 10.16
Isong 10.2
Emily 10.21
Emilio 10.23
Joe 10.59
William 10.72
Matthew W 10.87
Edie 12.93
Libby Absent
Caitlin Absent
Harry Absent
Millie Ai Absent
Elle Absent
Louis Absent
Alexandra  Absent
Mia Absent
Millie Mc Absent
Zak M Absent

ASANER Winter Championships (25m)

Hi All,


We have received the following correspondence from the ASA North East Region:


The ASA NER Short Course Championships (25m) Senior/Junior and Age Group are due to take place at Sunderland Aquatic Centre on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November 2015.

Due to the poor response from officials, we do not have enough to run both pools at Sunderland.  The ASANER have decided that unless we have sufficient officials to run BOTH pools by FRIDAY of this week - the Age Group Championships will be cancelled and an Open Meet (25m) will be run instead.  The Open Meet will be open to all swimmers who meet the current Senior/Junior entry time.

Final confirmation of this will be made on Saturday 10th October 2015.


If anybody is available and willing to officiate at the above meet, could you please contact Ian Proud ( before 12:00 noon on Friday 9th October 2015.


Thanks in advance for your support.

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Yorkshire Championships & Changes to Training

Hope you are all looking forward to racing this weekend.  As we are still in early season training the target this weekend is to be as close to your PB's as possible whilst holding your skills.  Remember work the turns and transitions into strokes.  Smash the underwater work! Try and be first to 15m and then stay in front.  Accelerate into the turns and finishes, the walls are there to help you not slow you down.

Training Changes (Performance & Development)
Friday 9th October Pm -  Training will be just an hour (19:00 - 20:00) to go over some last minute race tactics.  There will be no land training for Regional Development.
Saturday 10th October Am - With nearly 100% of both groups competing over the weekend in Sheffield there will be no training on Saturday morning.
Monday 12th October Am - Both squads will have the morning off to recover from a full weekend of racing.

Please remember it is City of Leeds policy to check in with team managers 30 minutes prior to the warm up.

Arrival Times (Ponds Forge)
Sat & Sun - Am Sessions
Arrive - 07:30
Warm Up - 08:00
Start - 09:00
Sat & Sun - Pm Sessions
Arrive - 12:30
Warm Up - 13:00
Start - 14:00

Swimmers will be given he chance to practice starts and turns during training this week in preparation for the meet.  Please check the draft programme in advance so you know what you are racing at the weekend.

Draft programme can be found by clicking the link below:

Good Luck to everyone competing!  If you are not competing enjoy your weekend off.

2016 Long Course Yorkshire's
The 2016 Long Course Yorkshire times are now out.  Get chasing those times.

The Regional Team

Monday, 5 October 2015

Junior League Grand Final

Hi All,


Thanks to everyone who joined us and supported on Sunday 4th October. You supported the children outstandingly well. Your support makes a huge difference to every child that swims.


The Grand Final will take place in Corby on Sunday 29th November.  Please note that the Team for the Grand Final will be selected on coaches discretion using performances from the Junior League Northern Final, Yorkshire Winter Championships, City of Sunderland Short Course Meet and Chester-le-Street Junior Gala. This will be in keeping with the City of Leeds Junior Team Selection policy.


This gives every child ample opportunity to update their times for selection to the team. Athletes who represented the team at the Northern Final are not guaranteed a place on the Grand Final. We will hopefully publish a team week commencing 26th October 2015.

National Junior League Selection Policy


The Regional Team

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Junior League Northern Final - To Corby Again......

The City of Leeds Junior League Team (9-12 Yrs) were in action today in Birmingham for the Northern Final, the team performed fantastically, improving on their 2014 3rd place to finish 2nd overall behind Stockport, squeezing out Gateshead & Whickham SC.  The team now progress to the Grand Final in Corby on Sunday 29th November. Thanks to Emma Ferriman for volunteering to Manage the Team, and our 3 judges David Broome, Gez Cowan and Andrew Russell.

Final Results
1st - Stockport Metro = 214
2nd - City of Leeds Swimming Club = 204
3rd - Gateshead & Wickham ASC = 195
4th - Southport = 193
5th - Leicester Sharks CSC = 128
6th - Louth = 83

Some pictures of the team in action can be seen by clicking the link below

Well Done Everyone!!! Emoji

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Winter Yorkshire's 2015

Hi All,

The draft programme is now out for the Winter Yorkshire's taking place at Ponds Forge Sheffield on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October.

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Junior League - Northern Final

Hi All,


Please ensure you arrive on JCCS on Sunday morning for 08:45am, in Leeds Kit. That is children AND PARENTS alike. (If you want to share in our success then share our colours).


We will depart JCCS at 09:00.

Arrive at Venue: 12:00pm (Stechford Cascades, Birmingham, B33 8QN)

Warm-ups will commence at 13:00.


Event will commence at 13:30.


We will hopefully be done by 16:30.

Arrival back at JCCS: TBC


Please remember, all children should have 2 x costumes (just in case), 2 x goggles, 2 x swimming hats, recommend 2 x towel, snacks for the bus, snacks for the pool (which you can give to them once we arrive at the venue in order to limit boredom eating on the bus), lunch (best give this to the children in case the supporters bus breaks down!), PLENTY OF WATER TO HYDRATE (it is a long day), TEAM KIT.  

PS. Parents not only should you be wearing Leeds colours but we expect you to make more noise than the swimmers this time.  You need to get behind every Leeds Child more than your own. 


Let me remind you…      "A Team Above all… BUT ABOVE ALL… A TEAM"


Good Luck Everyone! Emoji

The Regional Team

Sports Nutrition Presentation

Hi All


Below is a link to a copy of the Nutritional presentation from last week.


Sports Nutrition

The Regional Team

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Super Sprinters!

Well done to the swimmers from Regional Development who competed in the 33rd Annual Teaspoon Meet over the weekend. 

The swimmers achieved an excellent 39 PB's out of 46 Swims and 5 Final Swims.

Finalists (2)
Thomas Spencer (5th, 6th, 6th & 6th), Jolie McGreavy (7th)

Some fantastic PB's!

A great start to the new season.  Keep up the hard work and try to attend as many sessions as possible going into the Yorkshire Championships.

The Regional Team

Competition Refunds

Please collect refunds in the Denison Room on a Monday evening
Yorkshires Winter Championships Rejections
Regional Performance
Matthew Walker - 100m Fly = £5
Regional Development
Henry Williams - 100m BK = £5
City of Sunderland Rejections
Regional Performance
Safwan Shaikh  - 4 = £26
Isong Udom - 100m BK = £6.50
Jack Milner - 100m BR = £6.50
Harry Milner - 100m IM = £6.50
Emily Kite - 200m IM = £6.50
Regional Development
Thomas Spencer - 100m IM = £6.50
Harrison Smith - 100m FR & 200m BR = £6.50
Charlotte Bryan - 100m IM = £6.50
Sheffield City "B" Grade Rejections
Regional Performance
Freddie Stonelake - 50m FR = £5.50
George Smith - 100m BK = £5.50
Charlie Broome - 50m FR & BK = £11.00
Zak Moran - 50m FR = £5.50
Isong Udom - 50m FR = £5.50
Millie McNally - 50m FR = £5.50
Regional Development
Rhys Riddiford - 200m IM = £5.50
Kasja Rickleton - 50m BR = £5.50
Charlotte Kenneth - 50m BR = £5.50
Martha Everett - 50m FR, BK, BR & Fly = £16.50 (Query as only £15 chq stated)
Leah Schlosshan - 50m BK, BR & Fly = £16.50
The Regional Team

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Yorkshire Winter Meet 2015

Hi All,


As you may be aware, British Swimming have introduced a new competition structure for the 2015/16 season. As a result of this restructure, the organisation of some meets have changed. The Yorkshire Winter Meet has been directly affected by this restructure, and as such, the entry criteria for 9/10 year olds at this year's Winter Competition will be different.


The Yorkshire Swimming Association are aware that very few 9/10 year old children have competed in 100m events. So this year, they are willing to accept additional entries from 9/10 year olds who have already entered this competition.


If your son/daughter has ALREADY ENTERED the Yorkshire Winter Meet, they are now permitted to swim in ALL available events in their age category:

9 year old children have the opportunity to compete in 50m Butterfly, 50m Backstroke, 50m Breaststroke, 50m Freestyle and 100m Individual Medley.

10 year old children have the opportunity to compete in 100m Butterfly, 100m Backstroke, 100m Breaststroke, 100m Freestyle and 200m Individual Medley.


If you would like your son/daughter to enter additional events at this competition (as per the guide above), please email them to BEFORE 12:00 NOON ON FRIDAY 25TH SEPTEMBER 2015. We appreciate that this is extremely short notice, but we must return our submission to the Yorkshire Swimming Association before the end of the week!


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact James Richards (, please note he will be away from the office Friday-Sunday, for the British Coaches Conference.


The Regional Team

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Northern Junior League Final Tickets

Hi All, 


We have a supporters coach going to Birmingham for the Junior League Northern Final on Sunday 4th October. Please make sure you are there to support our team. Your own child and others will not hear 10 voices cheering for them… But 52 could make a difference!


Every parent is entitled to one ticket at a cost of £20 that will include coach travel.


Anyone wishing for more than one ticket will be put into a draw for a second one. In total we can take 52 supporters. If you do not wish to take up the offer of a ticket please let Emma Ferriman know.


Please can you text (07812353820) or email ( ASAP if you would like a ticket (s).


Emma will be at John Charles on Monday night to take payment.


Many thanks,


The Regional Team


"A team above all, but above all a team"

The City of Leeds Swimming Club Supporters Committee was formed to raise funds to support all our swimmers.  Over many year's we have funded swimmers in several ways.  Including transport to team Gala's such as Junior League and The National Arena League and also transport to Swansea for The Welsh Summer National, T-shirts, Meals at Championships, Subsidies for training camps, Banner's and assorted items for supporters at team events.
Every Monday evening every swimmer in the club comes to the JCCS to swim.  During the evening the members of the supporters committee can be found on the balcony.  We have had a second hand book stall and a lucky dip (sweets).  You will also find Bob selling lucky numbers for a cash prize draw.  The draw is done every Monday evening and the prizes are £30, £20 & £10.  Each ticket costs £1.  All profits go towards supporting our City of Leeds Swimmers.
We have had another very successful year of fundraising.  We could not have done this without your support.
We would like to get the new season off to a great start.  To do this we need your help.  There are several Gala's before Christmas and we would like to use these Gala's to raise funds to support our swimmers over the coming year.  If you would like to make a donation for the fundraising we would like second hand books, children's books.  Any items that would be suitable as a raffle prize and toys/ teddy's for the tombola.

Any donations can be passed on to Helen Butterfield on the bookstall on a Monday evening.  We can be found on the balcony from 4:30pm onwards.  We are also looking for volunteers to help with fundraising at Gala's.  If you are interested please contact Lucie Black (  

Thank you for your ongoing support

Lucie Black
COLSC Supporters Committee

Tea Spoon Sprints Meet 2015

Sunday 20th September 2015
Arrival Times (Ponds Forge)
Am Session
Arrive - 07:30
Warm Up - 08:00
Start - 09:00
Draft programme can be found by clicking the link below:
Swimmers are to report to Philip Mansfield & Lyn Hughes who will be the coaches for this meet.

Good Luck to everyone competing!

The Regional Team



Thursday, 10 September 2015

Information Evening

Hi All,


The coaching team would like to invite you to a meeting on Wednesday 23rd September, 6.45-7.45pm in the Grandstand Suite, Main Stadium Building, JCCS.


N.B..if you have a child in one of the County Squads or Regional Fast track squad this is a separate meeting to the one on the 14th Sept and it would best if you attend both meetings..apologies!


This will allow the coaches to go through the competition calendar along with some other important information you will need when doing entries etc.


Please make every effort to attend, we hope this will minimise the many questions you may have!


Many thanks

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

City of Sunderland Entries

Hi All,

We have now received the details for the City of Sunderland Meet due to take place 17-18 October.


As this meet is on the Regional competition calendar please make every effort to enter and attend this competition.


Details for the meet along with qualifying times and further info can be seen by clicking the link below

City of Sunderland Meet


As this meet is Level 2 licensed, swimmers must have already posted a time on the swimming rankings in the event they wish to enter to be accepted into the competition.

Entries will be taken in the Denison Suite Monday 14th September

Please remember to get all entry forms to coaches before Monday pm as we will be coaching from 4.30pm onwards and be unavailable to discuss entries.

The Regional Team

Friday, 4 September 2015

Team Managers Training

Modules 1 & 2
John Charles Centre For Sport
Saturday 17th October 2015

Module 1:  13:30 - 16:30
For volunteers who are looking to become Team Managers and take athletes to local competitions.

Module 2:  09:30 - 12:30
For those that already attended Module 1, this module focuses on overnight stays and travel abroad.

If you are interested in attending either of the above Team Manager Training Courses, please do not hesitate to contact Rod Wardle.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Competition Entries

Entries will be taken for the Yorkshire Championships and the Sheffield B Grade onMonday 7th Spetember.

Yorkshire Championships
Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th October 2015
Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield
*Age as at 11th October 2015

Short Course (25m)

The Yorkshire Championships is one of the bigger competitions in the Regional calendar where swimmers will race against the best in Yorkshire.  As this meet is a qualifying meet swimmers will only be able to enter races they have achieved a qualifying time in.  Swimmers should enter ALL events they have qualified for.

Yorkshire Championships Entry Form
Yorkshire Championships Event Schedule & Qualifying Times

City of Sheffield B Grade 

Saturday 21st November 2015

Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield

*Age as at 21st November 2015

Long Course (50m)

9 Yrs = 50m all four strokes + 200 IM

10 Yrs = 50m & 100m all four strokes + 200 IM (Anyone who has 50m Yorkshire times you do not need to swim them again at this meet)

(Swimmers in Regional Development who have never done 100m fly before just enter 100 Bk, Br & Fc + 200 IM unless told otherwise)

City of Sheffield B Grade Entry Form

City of Sheffield B Grade Event Schedule & Qualification Times

Those swimmers who do not have any 100m times or a 200m IM time can use the link below to work out an entry time.

Competition Entry Standard Times

Swimmers who only have short course times can convert their short course PB's to long course using the link below.

Swimming Course Converter

Coaches will be available to sign forms after training on Thursday pm, Friday Pm, Saturday Am and Monday Am.  Please remember to get all entry forms to us before Monday pm as we will be coaching from 4.30pm and be unavalable to discuss entries.

The Regional Team