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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Yorkshire Championships & Changes to Training

Hope you are all looking forward to racing this weekend.  As we are still in early season training the target this weekend is to be as close to your PB's as possible whilst holding your skills.  Remember work the turns and transitions into strokes.  Smash the underwater work! Try and be first to 15m and then stay in front.  Accelerate into the turns and finishes, the walls are there to help you not slow you down.

Training Changes (Regional Development)
Friday 30th September  Pm -  Training will be just an hour (19:00 - 20:00) to go over some last minute race tactics.  There will be no land training for Regional Development.
Saturday 1st October Am - Training Cancelled
Monday 3rd October Am - Recovery from a full weekend of racing.

Regional Development swimmers are to report to Kevin on Saturday and Kim on Sunday (Kevin will be at the Junior League Northern Final)

Training Changes (Regional Performance)
Saturday 1st October Am - Training Cancelled
Monday 3rd October Am - Recovery from a full weekend of racing.

Please remember it is City of Leeds policy to check in with team managers 30 minutes prior to the warm up.

Arrival Times (JCCS)
Sat Am
Arrive - 07:30
Warm Up - 08:00
Start - 09:00

Sat Pm
Arrive - 12:30
Warm Up - 13:00
Start - 14:00
Sun Am
Arrive - 08:00
Warm Up - 08:30
Start - 09:30

Sun PM
Arrive - 12:30
Warm Up - 13:00
Start - 14:00

Swimmers will be given he chance to practice starts and turns during training this week in preparation for the meet.  Please check the draft programme in advance so you know what you are racing at the weekend.

The draft programme can be found by clicking the link below:

Good Luck to everyone competing!  If you are not competing enjoy your weekend off.

The Regional Team

Super Sprinters!

Well done to the swimmers who competed in the 34th Annual Teaspoon Meet over the weekend. 

Regional Development achieved 114 PB's out of 130 Swims and 12 Final Swims (8 were swum faster in the final).

Finalists (6)
Jospeh (4th), Martha (5th), Ashton (5th, 6th & 10th), Solomon (6th, 6th, & 6th), Kieran B (7th & 9th), Jacob GW (7th & 9th)

Regional Performance achieved 78 PB's out of 128 Swims39 Final Swims (12 were swum faster in the final), 2 Golds2 Silvers & 1 Bronze Medal.

Gold Medallists (2) 
Anna (1), Rebecca (1)

Silver Medallists (2)
Olivia Hi (1), Elliott (1)

Bronze Medallists (4)
Thomas Sp (2), Jack Mi (1), Sam (1), Anna (1), 

Finalists (17)
Thomas Sp (4th & 5th), Sam (4th & 5th), Elliott (5th, 7th & 8th), Henry (5th), Jessica (5th), Anna (5th & 7th), Jack Mi (5th, 5th & 8th), Finlay (6th, 7th, 7th & 7th), Rhys (7th, 9th & 10th), Lauren (8th), Iona (9th), Joshua B (9th), James H (10th), Rebecca (10th), Charlotte (10th & 10th), Dominic (10th), Harrison (10th)

Some fantastic PB's!

Results can be viewed by clicking the link below

A great start to the 2016-17 season.  Keep up the hard work and try to attend as many sessions as possible going into the next few competitions

Well Done! 

The Regional Team

Junior League Northern Final

Hi All,
Please ensure you arrive on JCCS on Sunday morning for 11:15am, in Leeds Kit. That is children AND PARENTS alike. (If you want to share in our success then share our colours).

We will depart JCCS at 11:30.

Warm-ups will commence at 14:00.

Event will commence at 14:30.

We will hopefully be done by 18:00.

Arrival back at JCCS: 20:00

Please remember, all children should have 2 x costumes (just in case), 2 x goggles, 2 x swimming hats, recommend 2 x towel, snacks for the bus, snacks for the pool (which you can give to them once we arrive at the venue in order to limit boredom eating on the bus), lunch (best give this to the children in case the supporters bus breaks down!), PLENTY OF WATER TO HYDRATE (it is a long day), TEAM KIT.  

PS. Parents not only should you be wearing Leeds colours but we expect you to make more noise than the swimmers..  You need to get behind every Leeds Child more than your own. Please remember to bring your wigs, hats, horns, flags, face paints, drums,

Let me remind you…      "A Team Above all… BUT ABOVE ALL… A TEAM"

Good Luck Everyone! Emoji

The Regional Team

Junior League Northern Final Tickets

Hi all,

We have now received notification of tickets for the Junior League Northern Final (albeit very late), and a bus for parent transportation has been arranged.

There will be 53 tickets available for the Northern Junior League Final. Each ticket will include a seat on the coach to and from the event in Grantham and will cost £10.00 per person.

Each child will automatically be reserved 1 ticket per parent at the cost above. Should you require more tickets for additional family members, these will go in to a draw on Thursday evening.

The bus will leave John Charles at 11:30am on Sunday 2nd October. Please arrive at John Charles for no later than 11:15amWarm-up for the swimmers at the event will commence at 2:00pm, with the event beginning at 2:30pm. These events usually last 3 hours. Therefore we will expect to leave the venue at about 6:00pm, arriving back in Leeds around 7:45pm – 8:00pm.

Please note that all selected team members will be expected to travel to and from the event as part of the team and in City of Leeds Swimming Club kit.

I recommend that all swimmers eat well as a brunch before leaving home to arrive for the bus. Then we can top up on arrival in Grantham with snacks in the form of sandwiches, fruit etc. I also suggest you keep some additional food to give your children after the event as it is quite late when we arrive back. Please moderate the amount of snacks the children have on poolside during the competition but over-indulge the amount they have to drink. All swimmers should have a large drinks bottle on their person at all times and be drinking regularly throughout the meet. A 50/50 balance of juice and pure water is recommended by nutritionists.

Ensure swimmers have a spare hat, goggles, costume, T-shirt (club) and in some cases towels (as things often get wet at these meets).

The Regional Team

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Teaspoon Sprints Meet 2016

Hi All,

Both squads are due to race in the Sheffield Tea Spoon Sprints Meet on Sunday 25th September.  Below are the meet details.  Please remember that it is City of Leeds Club policy to arrive on poolside and check in with the team managing staff 30 minutes before warm up.

Sunday 25th September (Ponds Forge Sheffield)

Am Session

Arrive: 07:30

Warm Up:  08:00

Start:  09:00

Pm Session

Arrive:  12:30

Warm Up: 13:00

Start:  14:00

Here is a copy of the draft programme for Sunday

Teaspoon Sprints Long Course Meet 2016 (Level 3)

Good luck to all competing

Please remember both squads will have Monday 26th September Am off as recovery.

The Regional Team

Training Changes

Hi All,

There will be the following training changes over the next few days due to competitions.

Saturday  24th September (York Meet Held at John Charles)

Regional Development = Normal (Pit)

Regional Performance = 6:00 - 07:30am (Earlier Time)

Monday 26th September

Regional Development & Regional Performance = No AM Training (Recovery after Sheffield Tea Spoon Meet)

The Regional Team

Friday 23rd September

Hi All,


On Friday 23rd September, The Queens Hotel in Leeds will be hosting the annual British Swimming Coaches Association Conference. This year as part of the conference, a selection of established national and international coaches will be coming to observe the younger members of the Leeds City Council Swim Training Scheme.


They will be arriving at around 6:30pm, to observe National Age Group, Regional Performance and Regional Development Squads. As such we will be expecting the highest levels of attitude and behaviour whilst the eyes of the swimming community are on us. I am requesting that you reinforce better than average behaviour from your child from this session, as it is a reflection of the Scheme, the Club and the City. Swimmers should arrive promptly onto poolside and begin their pre-pool routines with or without the coach’s presence.

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Development Meet Entries

Hi All,


Please note the following swimmers should enter the Development Meet on Monday 3rd October in the Denison Suite.  The meet is to be held at JCCS on the 12th November.


Pheanie Banks

Oliver Brompton

Ava Ransome


All details are on the link below.

Autumn Development Meet 2016


This meet will be age as of 31st December 2016.

The Development Meet is only for swimmers in Regional Development who cannot take part in the Competition calendar yet as they are still too young.



The Regional Team

Winter Yorkshire Meet Refunds

Hi All,

Below are the rejections for Regional Development & Performance.  

Not Qualified Males
Theo Percy (RD) - 50m FS, 50m BK & 100m IM = £15.00
Jad Idris (RD) - 50m FS, 50m BR & 100m IM = £15.00
Theodore Rosenberg (RD) - 50m FS, 50m BK, 50m Fly & 100m IM = £20.00
Zak Stolarski (RP) - 100m IM = £5.00

Junior League Males
Sam Emmett (RP) - 100m FS, 50m BK & 50m Fly = £15.00
Thomas Spencer (RP) - 100m FS, 50m BK, 50m BR, 50m Fly & 100m Fly = £25.00
Elliott Watkins (RP) - 100m FS, 50m BK, 50m BR, 50m Fly & 100m Fly = £25.00
Kieran Bartram (RD) - 100m FS, 100m BK, 100m BR & 50m Fly = £20.00
Ashton Dees (RD) - 100m BR, 100m BK & 50m Fly = £15.00
Jacob Goodwin (RD) - 100m FS, 100m BK, 100m BR, & 50m Fly = £20.00
Solomon Hodgson (RD) - 100m FS, 100m BK & 50m Fly = £15.00
Kourosh Khodakhah (RD) - 100m BK & 50m Fly = £10.00
Jospeh Levison (RD) - 50m Fly & 100m BR = £10.00
Thomas Milner (RD) - 100m BK, 50m Fly & 100m BR = £15.00
Harry Senior (RD) - 100m BK & 50m Fly = £10.00

Not Qualified Females
Philippa Bromley (RP) - 50m FS, 50m BK, 100m BK, 100m BR & 100m IM = £25.00
Amelia Keown (RP) - 100m FS, 50m BR & 50m Fly = £15.00
Neve Parker (RD) - 50m BK = £5.00
Grace Milner (RD) - 100m IM = £5.00
Grace Churnin-Ritchie (RD) - 50m BK = £5.00
Olivia Healy (RD) - 50m BK = £5.00
Lily Cotton (RP) - 100m BK = £5.00

Junior League Females
Charlotte Clarke (RP) - 100m FS, 50m BK, 50m BR & 50m Fly = £20.00
Olivia Hidayat (RP) - 100m BK, 100m BR & 50m Fly = £15.00
Iona Logan (RP) - 100m FS, 100m BK, 100m BR & 50m Fly = £20.00
Jessica Widdowson (RP) - 100m FS, 100m BK, 100m BR & 50m Fly = £20.00
Anna Ashcroft (RP) - 100m FS, 100m BK, 100m BR & 50m Fly = £20.00
Mischa Comrie (RP) - 100m FS, 100m BK, 100m BR & 50m Fly = £20.00
Sophia Kelly (RP) - 100m Fs, 100m BK & 50m Fly = £15.00
Nell Williams (RP) - 50m Fly = £5.00

Refunds can be collected on a Monday evening in the Denison Suite.

The Regional Team

Regional Development Presentation

Hi All,

Some of you requested a copy of the Regional Development start of season presentation from Friday night.  It can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Regional Development - Start of Season Presentation

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Junior League Northern Final

Hi All,

Please could the following swimmers confirm their availability to Craig Robinson ( by Monday 19th Spetember

The Northern Final will be held in Lincolnshire on Sunday 2nd October.  A bus for athletes and team staff will be provided. Each athlete is expected to travel to and from the venue with the team.  This is a trait of high performance teams competing on an international level, and will also allow us to manage the children's safety upon arrival better as well as promote a more cohesive team.

The Northern Final is held on the same day as the Short Course Yorkshire Championships.  Those swimmers who have been selected for the Northern Final should make this competition the priority.  The Club will refund any races not swum at the Yorkshire Championships due to competing in the Northern Final.

Regional Development

Kieran Bartram

Ashton Dees

Jacob Goodwin

Solomon Hodgson

Karoush Khodakhah

Joseph Levison

Thomas Milner

Harry Senior

Regional Performance

Sam Emmett

Thomas Spencer

Joshua Sutcliffe

Elliott Watkins

Charlotte Clarke

Olivia Hidayat

Iona Logan

Jessica Widdowson

Anna Ashcroft

Mischa Comrie

Sophia Kelly

Nell Williams

The Regional Team

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Competition Entries

Hi All,

Just a reminder that entries will be taken for the Chester Le Street Open Meet and the Spenborough Bonfire Meet on Monday 12th September.

Chester Le Street Meet (Regional Performance)
Friday 28th - Sunday 30th October (Short Course)
Age on 30th October 2016

Spenborough Bonfire Bash (Regional Performance & Regional Development)
Held at John Charles on Sunday 6th November (Short Course)
Age as at midnight 6th November
Swimmers should enter 50's in all strokes and 100m IM

The Regional Team

Friday, 9 September 2016

200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test Results

Hi All,

Here are the results from this months kick test.  PB's are highlighted in green.  The next kick test will be held on Monday 3rd October.  

All times from the start of the season can be viewed using the link below.

Well Done!!
The Regional Team

Reg Dev 200m FS Max Kick
Holly 3:45.06
Kieran B 3:45.62
George K 3:50.74
Solomon 3:51.12
Lucy 3:55.98
Harry 3:56.53
Kourosh 4:07.23
Thomas Mi 4:08.31
Grace CR 4:14.68
Oliver 4:14.71
Martha  4:16.30
Kieran R 4:19.81
Ashton 4:20.00
Theodore 4:20.56
Christina 4:21.10
Lilka 4:21.16
Megan 4:23.84
Rhea 4:31.23
Jospeh 4:33.38
Erin 4:34.21
Koby 4:34.98
Macy 4:35.24
Jamie 4:39.40
Isaac  4:40.28
Eve 4:41.84
Amy 4:41.91
Maeve 4:42.70
Milli 4:42.70
Neve 4:46.00
Perry 5:01.51
Ava 5:04.34
Pheanie 5:06.51
Olivia He 5:15.71
Grace Mi 5:20.64
Jacob Gw 5:23.67
Alex 5:32.98
Jad Absent
Theo Absent
Amelia W Absent
Reg Dev 15m U/W
George K 9.15
Kieran B 9.36
Harry 9.99
Thomas Mi 10.14
Solomon 10.37
Oliver 10.49
Erin 10.56
Megan 10.71
Martha  10.76
Ashton 10.93
Grace CR 10.97
Kourosh 11.08
Grace Mi 11.11
Lucy 11.12
Jacob Gw 11.12
Kieran R 11.15
Theodore 11.3
Holly 11.5
Koby 11.84
Neve 11.97
Eve 12.04
Pheanie 12.07
Jamie 12.37
Olivia He 12.42
Isaac 12.43
Rhea 12.7
Perry 12.75
Jospeh 13.03
Christina 13.26
Lilka 13.28
Macy 13.28
Maeve 13.49
Alex 13.78
Amy 14.1
Ava 14.45
Milli 14.6
Jad Absent
Theo Absent
Amelia W Absent
Reg Per 200m FS Max Kick
George S 3:18.60
Charlie 3:19.27
Sam 3:32.53
Thomas Sp 3:32.79
Finlay 3:34.52
Henry 3:37.02
Olivia Hi 3:40.76
Jack Mi 3:41.64
Jacob B 3:42.14
Anna A 3:44.90
Thomas K 3:45.88
Elliott 3:53.16
Edie 3:53.16
Rhys 3:54.34
James Hu 3:54.84
Charlotte B 3:56.10
Iona 3:59.80
Jessica 3:59.80
Chloe  4:00.65
Charlotte 4:04.81
Joshua B 4:05.57
Kasja 4:07.16
Sophia 4:07.46
Rebecca 4:11.53
Nell 4:13.54
Mischa 4:13.54
Phillipa 4:15.00
Zak  4:15.31
Lilly 4:16.21
Harrison  4:20.94
Joshua S 4:21.52
Amelia K 4:22.41
Lauren 4:23.62
Aimee 4:24.16
Dominic Absent
Jacob G Absent
James Ro Absent
Matthew W Absent
Reg Per 15m U/W
George S 8.06
Charlie 8.11
Jack Mi 8.68
Charlotte C 8.68
Jacob B 8.75
Finlay 8.88
Jessica 9.16
Rebecca 9.25
Amelia K 9.37
Iona 9.44
Thomas Sp 9.46
Kasja 9.47
Rhys 9.49
James Hu 9.52
Lauren 9.56
Sam 9.68
Anna A 9.68
Henry 9.96
Zak  10.1
Lilly 10.15
Joshua S 10.36
Harrison 10.46
Joshua B 10.46
Aimee 10.56
Nell 10.71
Edie 10.81
Thomas K 10.89
Olivia Hi 11.15
Elliott 11.15
Phillipa 11.17
Chloe 11.57
Mischa 11.82
Sophia 11.95
Charlotte B 12.81
Jacob G Absent
James Ro Absent
Matthew W Absent
Dominic Absent