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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Training Changes

Hi All,

Please take note of the following training changes this weekend;

Regional Development

Saturday 21st April - No Training (GBDF Spring Masters Dive Championships)

Monday 23rd April - No AM Training (Recovery after BOK Competition)

Regional Performance

Saturday 21st April - No Training (Underwater Hockey)

Monday 23rd April - No AM Training (Recovery after BOK Competition)

The Regional Team


Hi All

BOK Swim Club is really looking forward to seeing you all at our Open Meet this Sunday at the new Huddersfield Leisure Centre, Spring Grove Street, HD1 4BP

Sunday 22nd April 2018
Arrive: 08:00

Warm Up:  08:30
Start:  09:30

Meet pack and list of accepted entries can be viewed by clicking the links below;

BOK Meet Pack

BOK Draft Programme


Here is some info you will need for Sunday's gala.


Spectators and Entry Fee

This Sunday, doors will open at 8.00, so no one will be allowed into the building before that. Please don't forget there is ticket entry only, then pay at the door.  One ticket per swimmer.  Spectators fees will be £8.00 for full day or £5.00 morning/afternoon.  This will include a start sheet.  Raffle tickets will also be on sale at the door.


Swimming Bags

Please take your swimming bags and leave them upstairs in the marshaling area.  There is no space on poolside to put them so please take a small bag on poolside with just your essentials.  The bag areas will be marked so please put them in your club space.



I would just like to advise everyone on the marshalling arrangements this weekend and where swimmers should go once they've warmed up.


The main marshalling area is the studio space that is upstairs and faces out onto the balcony / walkway over looking poolside.

This room on the day should be accessed by swimmers only from the back stairs leading up from poolside. The medals table will also be based in here.

HLC staff have asked that all swimmers have dried off before accessing the stairs and the room, so a small towel to carry round is advisable.  Swimmers need to wear shoes (flipflops or trainers) and shirts down onto poolside and then back up to marshalling.  If swimmers do not wear their shoes they will not be allowed on poolside, hence no shoes, no swim.

Swimming bags cannot be left in the changing rooms unaccompanied if not in a locker and need to be taken up to marshalling where there will be a roped off area to put them in.


Marshall's are in the Studio and will be leading heats up and down the stairs. The stairways are not for swimmers to hang round in or run up and down. I'd appreciate it if you could pass this on. 


Unless swimmers need the bathroom or something out of their locker, the changing rooms should be empty.


Marshalls have specific areas to focus on and will not be hunting down late swimmers for heats. It is up to your swimmer to know when their race will be, and if they are not due on poolside they should be in the studio.


We would also appreciate it if parents could stay on the balcony. If a swimmer needs you for any reason they will come and find you.


There is a full wall of windows onto the pool from the room so many swimmers can see what heats are running.


Swim Shop

The swim shop will be open. 



We will run a Raffle so please feel free to bring something for it.  We will aim to call the numbers out by the end of the gala.


Thanks for your co-operation and see you on the day.  Have good swims and enjoy.

See you Sunday and Good Luck

The Regional Team

200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test Results

Hi All,

Here are the results from this months kick test.  PB's are highlighted in green.  The next kick test will be held on Monday 30th April.  

All times from the start of the season can be viewed using the link below.

Well Done!!

The Regional Team

Reg Dev 200m Max Kick
Samantha Kn 3:16.37
Daniel Ra 3:42.69
Milli Pr 3:46.55
Dominic Vi 3:52.84
Charlie Hi 3:53.88
Edward Ja 3:57.15
Zac Jo 3:57.31
Macy No 3:59.15
Oscar Sc 4:00.78
Charlotte Ha 4:06.53
Chloe Ma 4:06.78
Hazel Bl  4:12.47
Erin He 4:17.75
Arthur Fi 4:18.61
Ethan Co 4:19.86
Ellie Ak 4:20.50
Curtis Me 4:25.43
Alfie Yo 4:25.90
Alice As 4:28.72
Bertie Pi 4:32.75
Jessica Wo 4:41.91
Oliver Go 4:43.00
Anna Ta 4:43.91
Anna Sc 4:43.91
Amelia Ca 4:46.94
Sophia Hi 4:50.26
Dexter Ro 4:56.35
Oliver Ne 4:59.62
Matthew Ju Absent
Oliver Br Absent
Jacob Ta Absent
Maisie Wr Absent
Valeria Le Absent
Sophie Sm Absent
Oliver Pu Absent
Lauren Th Absent
Eva He Absent
Morgan Ta Absent
Lexi En Absent
Ellie An Absent
Reg Dev  15m U/W
Samantha Kn 9.78
Daniel Ra 9.78
Macy No 9.86
Charlotte Ha 10.02
Erin He 10.02
Dominic Vi 10.16
Milli Pr 10.41
Zac Jo 10.9
Chloe Ma 11.05
Alfie Yo 11.25
Charlie Hi 11.31
Amelia Ca 11.36
Hazel Bl 11.38
Sophia Hi 11.41
Arthur Fi 11.59
Alice As 12.31
Curtis Me 12.33
Anna Sc 12.53
Bertie Pi 12.78
Oliver Go 12.89
Ethan Co 13.1
Oscar Sc 13.36
Edward Ja 13.38
Ellie Ak 13.84
Dexter Ro 14.38
Oliver Ne 15.04
Jessica Wo 15.29
Oliver Br Absent
Jacob Ta Absent
Matthew Ju Absent
Valeria Le Absent
Lauren Th Absent
Maisie Wr Absent
Lexi En Absent
Sophie Sm Absent
Eva He Absent
Oliver Pu Absent
Morgan Ta Absent
Ellie An Absent
Anna Ta Absent
Reg Per 200m Max Kick
Kourosh Kh 3:11.06
Thomas Mi 3:23.58
Hannah Sm 3:26.90
Kieran He 3:31.50
Harry Se 3:32.23
Jad Id 3:32.23
George Br 3:34.61
Joseph Le 3:35.71
Zak St 3:39.04
Solomon Ho 3:41.29
Millie Wi 3:42.48
Theodore Ro 3:43.37
Evie Ha 3:43.82
Rhea Sm 3:44.27
Pheanie Ba 3:46.74
Lilka Ba 3:46.99
Abigail Ha 3:47.02
Grace Mi 3:47.56
Darcey Cr 3:58.35
Lucia Du 3:58.87
Jamie Br 4:06.51
Nathan Du 4:10.87
Ashton De 4:13.81
Isabel Sy 4:14.93
James Ad 4:16.21
Sedona Re 4:17.03
Jacob Gw 4:23.36
Ava Ra 4:32.05
Eve La Absent
Oliver Wh Absent
Emma Wo Absent
Erin Th Absent
Charlotte Sh Absent
Amy Ro Absent
Mae Jo Absent
Alexander Mc Absent
Lauren Li Absent
Reg Per  15m U/W
Grace Mi 8.11
Harry Se 8.45
Jacob Gw 8.77
Evie Ha 9.33
Kourosh Kh 9.36
Zak St 9.47
Hannah Sm 9.61
Jad Id 9.67
Thomas Mi 9.91
Nathan Du 10.02
Sedona Re 10.17
Theodore Ro 10.21
Solomon Ho 10.28
Rhea Sm 10.31
Abigail Ha 10.33
Joseph Le 10.34
Pheanie Ba 10.55
Jamie Br 10.62
Lucia Du 10.68
Ava Ra 10.88
Darcey Cr 10.97
Kieran He 11.24
Lilka Ba 11.29
Isabel Sy 11.44
Ashton De 11.5
Millie Wi 11.84
George Br 11.98
James Ad 12.01
Erin Th Absent
Emma Wo Absent
Charlotte Sh Absent
Eve La Absent
Oliver Wh Absent
Amy Ro Absent
Alexander Mc Absent
Mae Jo Absent
Lauren Li Absent

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Entries - 36th Annual Teaspoon Gala

Hi All,

Entries for the 36th Annual Teaspoon Gala held at Ponds Forge, Sheffield on Sunday 23rd September will be taken in the Denison Suite on Monday 23rd April.  Swimmers should enter ALL four 50m races. 

Age 9 Yrs + (23rd September 2018)

50m FLY, BK, BR & FS

Please use the links below for the meet pack & entry form;

36th Annual Teaspoon Meet - Information Pack

36th Annual Teaspoon Meet - Entry Form

Coaches will start signing forms tonight.  Please make sure all forms are signed before Monday evening.

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Harrogate Spa Town Meet

Well Done Everyone!!!!! You SMASSSSSSHED IT!!!!

We are very proud of you all.

Regional Development achieved a whopping 118 PB's out of 132 Swims, 11 Speeding Tickets20 Gold Medals, 21 Silver Medals, 15 Bronze Medals and 21 more Yorkshire Qualifying Times.

Speeding Ticket Winners  (5)
Charlie Hi (4), Chloe Ma (2), Dominic Vi (2), Samantha Kn (2), Valeria Pi (1)

A Grade Medals (10 Gold, 12 Silver & 12 Bronze)

🌟 Gold Medallists (7) 🌟
Amelia Ca (2), Chloe Ma (2), Dominic Vi (2), Charlie Hi (1), Edward Ja (1), Samantha Kn (1), Valeria Pi (1)

Silver Medallists (10)
Ethan Co (2), Matthew Ju (2), Alfie Yo (1), Amelia Ca (1), Arthur Fi (1), Charlie Hi (1), Chloe Ma (1), Edward Ja (1), Samantha Kn (1), Valeria Pi (1)

Bronze Medallists (9)
Dexter Ro (2), Oliver Gds (2), Sophia Hi (2), Amelia Ca (1), Dominic Vi (1), Edward Ja (1), Ethan Co (1), Samantha Kn (1), Valeria (1)

B Grade Medals (10 Gold & 9 Silver, 3 Bronze)
Medallists 🌟 (7)
Curtis Me (3), Oscar Sc (2), Charlotte Ha (1), Erin He (1), Matthew Ju (1), Milli Pr (1), Oliver Ne (1)

Silver Medallists (6)
Charlotte Ha (3), Oscar Sc (2), Bertie Pi (1), Curtis Me (1), Oliver Pu (1), Sophie Sm (1)

Bronze Medallists (3)
Bertie Pi (1), Ethan Co (1), Sophia Hi (1)

Regional Development updated PB's can be viewed using the link below;

Regional Performance achieved an amazing 106 PB's out of 118 Swims, 17 Speeding Tickets30 Gold Medals, 16 Silver Medals, 19 Bronze Medals, 30 more Yorkshire Qualifying Times, and 5 more NER's.

Speeding Ticket Winners  (8)
Lauren Li (4), Darcey Cr (3), Ava Ra (2), Emma Wo (2), Hannah Sm (2), Lucia Du (2), Grace Mi (1), Jad Id (1)

A Grade Medals (25 Gold, 12 Silver & 16 Bronze)

🌟 Gold Medallists (15) 🌟
Jacob Gw (5), Grace Mi (3), Evie Ha (2), Kieran He (2), Nathan Du (2), Sedona Re (2), Abigail Ha (1), Darcey Cr (1), Eve La (1), George Br (1), Hannah Sm (1), Jamie Br (1), Lucia Du (1), Theodore Ro (1), Thomas Mi (1)

Silver Medallists (8)
Eve La (3), Jacob Gw (2), Millie Wi (2), Isabel Sy (1), Lauren Li (1), Lucia Du (1), Sedona Re (1), Theodore Ro (1)

Bronze Medallists (11)
Thomas Mi (3), Evie Ha (2), Jad Id (2), Kieran He (2), Abigail Ha (1), Ava Ra (1), George Br (1), Grace Mi (1), Isabel Sy (1), Nathan Du (1), Sedona Re (1)

B Grade Medals (5 Gold & 4 Silver, 3 Bronze)
Medallists 🌟 (5)
Abigail Ha (1), Ava Ra (1), Erin Th (1), Eve La (1), Nathan Du (1)

Silver Medallists (2)
Erin Th (2), Nathan Du (2)

Bronze Medallists (3)
Abigail Ha (1), George Br (1), Rhea Sm (1)

Another fantastic meet, one of the best this season.  Great Effort!!! 

Most of you are starting to get the idea of how to pace on the longer distance now.  For some of you it looks like your race plan is coming together as we are getting closer to the end of the season.  For those swimmers who achieved Yorkshire times it is now time to start chasing those NER qualifying times. 

Keep training insane or your times will remain the same! 

Some of you who were close to NER times may need to use the course converter below to see if your times from the weekend are under the qualifying standards when converted from short to long.

Results can be viewed by clicking the link below;

'We can accomplish almost anything within our ability if we but think we can.'

The Regional Team