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Friday, 22 June 2018

City of Leeds Swimming Party

Hi All,

Just a reminder that it is the annual City of Leeds Swimming Club Party this weekend.

West Park RUFC

The Sycamores, Bramhope, Leeds LS16 9JR

7pm till 11pm

Disco, Games, Prize Draw, Buffet & Bar

Tickets £5.00

(Under 5's free)

(Please speak to Kay Jackson, Georgina Logan, or Michelle Watkins if you still require a ticket)

Children must be accompanied by an adult  

The Regional Team

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Harrogate Summer Meet - Officials

Hi All,

Harrogate are able to accommodate any officials who are attending the meet, who wish to join for any of the sessions.  Harrogate will meet travelling expenses, to a maximum of £50 per day, and will feed any officials who stay over the meal break.  Any officials who can help please contact Barry Saunders by email ( or at the meet on the day.

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Harrogate Summer Graded Meet 2018 & Training Changes

Hi All,

Below are the details and arrival times for those swimmers competing this weekend at Harrogate.  Please also note the training changes due to both squads competing.

Regional Development
Friday 15th June = 19:00 - 20:00 (1 hour only, no land training)
Saturday 16th June = No Training (Squad Competing)
Monday 18th June = No AM Training (Recovery)

Regional Performance
Friday 15th June = 19:00 - 20:00 (1 hour only)
Saturday 16h June = No Training (Squad Competing)
Monday 18th June = No AM Training (Recovery)

Harrogate Spa Town Meet
The draft programme can be viewed by clicking the following link:

Saturday 16th June (Session 1)
Arrive: 12:00
Warm Up: 12:30
Start: 13:30

Saturday 16th June (Session 2)
Below times are TBC on Day of Meet
Arrive: 16:30
Warm Up: 17.00
Start: 18:00

Sunday 17th June (Session 3)
Arrive: 09:30
Warm Up: 10:00
Start: 11:00

Sunday 17th June (Session 4)
Below times are TBC on day of Meet
Arrive: 14:00
Warm Up: 14:30
Start: 15:30

Good Luck to everyone competing.  


The Regional Team

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Summer Development Meet Entries

Hi All,

Just a reminder that entries for the Summer Development Meet will be taken on Monday 18th June in the Denison Suite.  This is only for those swimmers who are still too young to compete in the Regional competition calendar.

Swimmers are advised to enter All events.

The Regional Team

Time Keepers Course

Hi All,

The club will be holding a timekeepers course on Monday 11th June at 18:15 in the timing suite for anyone that is interested.

The club is always in need of parents & volunteers to help run competitions.

Please confirm your place to if you intend on taking the course.

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Summer Party Tickets & Club Shop

Hi All,

Summer party tickets are still on sale and can be purchased from the book stall on a Monday evening.

Please note the club shop will be closed on Monday 18th June and Monday 16th July.

Monday the 23rd July will be the last club shop before the summer break and it will reopen on Monday 10th September. Also, unfortunately, the shop doesn't have the facility for payments by card - only cash or cheque.

The Regional Team

Welsh Summer Championships 2018

Hi All,

Just a reminder that payments for the Welsh Summer Nationals are due in on Monday 11th JunePlease also remember code of conduct forms, medical forms, lunch forms and T shirt sizes must be given to Kim Mathias or Jo Yeomans by this date.

The Open Meet entry system will open Monday 11th June at 10:00am. This entry system is an online system. Swimmers (Parents) must enter themselves. The meet is held over 7 days so we advise swimmers to enter ALL events that they qualify in. As this is always a particularly busy meet, we cannot stress how important it is that entries are made as soon as it opens on Monday at 10:00am. 

Please find below a Guide to entering events for Welsh Summer Nationals via the online entry system.

Online Entry Guide

To ensure successful entries please go to the link below just before 10:00am, and follow the guide. Ensure you have your bank details available as your entries are not accepted until the payment goes through.

Swim Wales Open Meet 2018

Here is some advice from Swim Wales;


We are aware of issues regarding the open entry page, please see the following points to avoid the system crashing:

- Do not refresh the page, once you search for your swimmer and the page 'freezes' to load you have been placed in a quee, each time you press refresh you are re-added to the back of the quee! This is often the cause of site crashes.

- The event is popular and spaces are limited, however most traffic on the morning of entries opening is due to users refreshing the page, try a little later in day or Saturday to avoid IT problems-there is however no guarantee that the event will have spaces.

- The system is not managed by Swim Wales, and unfortunately the office is unable to support phone calls regarding technical issues, please be patient with the system. 

- If you experience problems regarding membership please contact

- If you experience problems regarding times, qualifications or rankings please contact 

Good Luck

The Regional Team

200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test Results

Hi All,

Here are the results from this months kick test.  PB's are highlighted in green.  The next kick test will be held on Monday 2nd July.  

All times from the start of the season can be viewed using the link below.
Well Done!!

The Regional Team

Reg Dev 200m Max Kick
Samantha Kn 3:16.13
Matthew Ju 3:28.27
Oliver Br 3:28.52
Maisie Wr 3:40.52
Daniel Ra 3:40.60
Milli Pr 3:40.77
Charlie Hi 3:47.06
Dominic Vi 3:49.52
Zac Jo 3:49.52
Valeria Le 3:51.34
Oscar Sc 3:51.43
Chloe Ma 4:00.39
Macy No 4:01.99
Lauren Th 4:05.89
Ethan Co 4:06.31
Ellie Ak 4:07.11
Oliver Pu 4:07.11
Erin He 4:08.40
Curtis Me 4:08.69
Sophie Sm 4:08.80
Morgan Ta 4:10.78
Arthur Fi 4:12.34
Hazel Bl  4:16.37
Oliver Go 4:16.55
Alfie Yo 4:21.47
Alice As 4:23.58
Jessica Wo 4:27.19
Lexi En 4:29.12
Amelia Ca 4:29.47
Bertie Pi 4:32.22
Anna Sc 4:32.72
Sophia Hi 4:43.74
Oliver Ne 4:55.31
Ellie An 4:58.96
Anna Ta 5:54.37
Dexter Ro Absent
Edward Ja Absent
Jacob Ta Absent
Eva He Absent
Reg Dev 15m U/W
Oliver Br 9.25
Samantha Kn 9.26
Daniel Ra 9.52
Milli Pr 9.69
Valeria Le 9.81
Macy No 9.93
Dominic Vi 10.28
Lexi En 10.39
Chloe Ma 10.4
Matthew Ju 10.5
Zac Jo 10.5
Sophie Sm 10.58
Erin He 10.67
Morgan Ta 10.69
Maisie Wr 10.78
Charlie Hi 10.93
Alfie Yo 10.97
Arthur Fi 11.11
Hazel Bl 11.15
Amelia Ca 11.15
Lauren Th 11.22
Bertie Pi 11.81
Alice As 11.9
Ellie Ak 12.04
Oliver Go 12.23
Ethan Co 12.23
Oliver Pu 12.46
Oscar Sc 13.25
Anna Sc 13.49
Curtis Me 13.58
Oliver Ne 13.67
Jessica Wo 14.32
Ellie An 15.21
Sophia Hi 13m
Anna Ta 14m
Dexter Ro Absent
Edward Ja Absent
Jacob Ta Absent
Eva He Absent
Reg Per 200m Max Kick
Kourosh Kh 3:19.91
Harry Se 3:20.20
Thomas Mi 3:21.18
Eve La 3:21.18
Jad Id 3:21.38
Oliver Wh 3:29.80
Hannah Sm 3:29.87
Charlotte Sh 3:36.08
George Br 3:37.27
Emma Wo 3:37.27
Solomon Ho 3:37.65
Evie Ha 3:39.19
Abigail Ha 3:40.25
Rhea Sm 3:40.78
Erin Th 3:41.54
Zak St 3:41.66
Millie Wi 3:43.07
Kieran He 3:46.55
Joseph Le 3:47.58
Grace Mi 3:48.02
Jamie Br 3:50.95
Darcey Cr 4:00.43
Isabel Sy 4:07.51
Lucia Du 4:07.75
Lauren Li 4:09.95
Ava Ra 4:09.95
Sedona Re 4:10.20
James Ad 4:11.80
Nathan Du 4:12.22
Jacob Gw 4:12.51
Alexander Mc 4:15.46
Mae Jo 4:19.28
Theodore Ro Absent
Pheanie Ba Absent
Lilka Ba Absent
Ashton De Absent
Reg Per 15m U/W
Grace Mi 7.85
Harry Se 8.2
Erin Th 8.66
Emma Wo 8.72
Evie Ha 8.85
Jacob Gw 9.06
Jad Id 9.07
Oliver Wh 9.1
Ava Ra 9.19
Eve La 9.2
Kourosh Kh 9.27
Zak St 9.5
Thomas Mi 9.52
Nathan Du 9.55
Lucia Du 9.55
Sedona Re 9.62
Jamie Br 9.86
Hannah Sm 9.9
Solomon Ho 9.9
Charlotte Sh 10.02
Rhea Sm 10.02
Joseph Le 10.04
Darcey Cr 10.06
George Br 10.09
James Ad 10.42
Abigail Ha 10.68
Lauren Li 10.68
Isabel Sy 10.75
Millie Wi 10.75
Mae Jo 10.8
Kieran He 11.29
Alexander Mc 11.81
Theodore Ro Absent
Pheanie Ba Absent
Lilka Ba Absent
Ashton De Absent