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Thursday, 21 July 2016

City of Sheffield End of Season Meet 2016

Hi All,
Below are the arrival and warm up times for this weekends competition.
Sat: Am Sessions
Arrive: 07:30
Warm Up: 08:00
Start: 09:00

Sat: Pm Sessions
Arrive: 13:00
Warm Up: 13:30
Start: 14:30
Sun: Am Sessions
Arrive: 07:30
Warm Up: 08:00
Start: 09:00

Sun: Pm Sessions
Arrive: 12:30
Warm Up: 13:00
Start: 14:00

Meet information can be viewed by clicking the link below:

For some of you this will be your last competition of the year, get stuck in and finish the season off in style.  Those swimmers who are trying the 400m races for the first time, don't worry you will be fine, just enjoy it.  Good Luck to everyone who is competing. Keep chasing those Yorkshire and NER times!  
Please remember the training alterations this weekend due to the competition,

Friday 22nd July - 19:00 - 20:00

Saturday 23rd - No Training (Group Competing at Ponds Forge)

Monday 25th July - AM = ALL OFF!


"I concentrate on preparing to swim my race and let other swimmers think about me, not me about them". Amanda Beard.
Good Luck Everyone
The Regional Team





Training Changes

Hi All,
Due to squads competing over the weekend in Sheffield there will be the following training changes.
Regional Development
Friday 22nd July = 19:00 - 20:00 (1 Hour only - No Land Training)
Saturday 23rd July = No Training (Squad Competing)
Monday 25th July = No Am Training (Recovery)

Regional Performance
Friday 22nd July = 19:00 - 20:00 (1 Hour only)
Saturday 23rd July = No Training (Squad Competing)
Monday 25th July = No Am Training (Recovery)
The Regional Team

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Training Changes Reminder

Hi All,

Here is a reminder of the training changes this weekend due to the Doncaster Dartes Meet booking out the pool.
Sat 16th July – Doncaster Dartes Gala

Regional Development 6:30 - 8:00am (Dive Pit)


Regional Performance - Training Cancelled

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The Regional Team


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

ASANER Age Group Championships (25m)

Hi All,

The qualifying times for the ASA NER Short Course Age Group Championships are now out.  The competition will be held at Sunderland Aquatics Centre on November 5th & 6th.  Age as on 31st December 2016.

Good Luck!  Get chasing those times.

The Regional Team

White Rose Junior League

What a fantastic morning of competition at the Annual White Rose Junior League last Saturday morning.  Whilst 3 of our girls compete for GB at the European Junior Championships in Hungary, our next generation were battling it out at Huddersfield Leisure Centre today in the White Rose Junior League. The City of Leeds team triumphed emphatically with 333 points and winning the canon to progress to the Northern Final, seeing off challenges from City of Sheffield (309) and Bo Kirklees (321).  Leeds had a whopping 20 1st places. Well done everyone, it was a tense and amazing experience.

The next round of the Junior League is the Northern Final which will be held in October.  This is our seventh year in the competition and after winning four years in a row (2010 - 2013).  It would be great to storm through the next round and get the trophy back in Leeds by winning the National Final. 

Round 1 Results
Star1st: City of Leeds A Team = 333 Points (20 First Places)Star
2nd: Borough of Kirklees = 321 Points
3rd: City of Sheffield = 309 Points
4th: Harrogate = 199 Points
5th: Kingston Upon Hull = 192 Points
6th:  York City = 172 Points
7th:  Doncaster Dartes = 168 Points

Photos from the day can be viewed by clicking the link below
Well Done Everyone! Emoji
Thanks to Gez Cowan and Andrew Russell for officiating, as well as a huge thank you to Joanne Agar who was fantastic in her debut role as Junior League Team Manager.  

Also a big shout out to ll those parents who made the effort to wear team colours and join in the fun by wearing wigs and face paint.  Great Job hopefully you can top it at the Northern Final. 

Keep focusing on great takeovers and finishes during training ready to smash the Northern Final.

The Regional Team

Season Bests - 15m U/W Test

Hi All,

Below you can see where you are ranked across the regional squads for this seasons 15m u/w test.

Season bests can be seen using the link below.

Well Done!!
The Regional Team

15m U/W Test
Caitlin RPER 7.45
Jack Mi RPER 7.97
Louis RPER 7.97
Harry RPER 7.98
Kidiest RPER 8.12
Charlotte C RDEV 8.25
Jacob B RPER 8.31
Jack Se RPER 8.43
George RPER 8.44
Abby RPER 8.44
Amelia RDEV 8.56
Ben S RPER 8.57
Jolie RPER 8.62
Joseph H RPER 8.72
Finlay RDEV 8.79
Emilio RPER 8.87
Maxim RPER 8.9
Lauren RDEV 8.91
Joshua RPER 8.91
Charlie RPER 8.92
Niamh RPER 8.92
Kasja RDEV 8.94
Charlotte B RPER 8.97
Freya J RPER 9.03
Jacob G RPER 9.06
Jessica RDEV 9.07
Isla RPER 9.07
Iona RDEV 9.09
Kieran B RDEV 9.11
Rhys RDEV 9.12
Sam RPER 9.23
Henry RDEV 9.25
Leah RPER 9.33
Thomas Sp RPER 9.41
Martha  RPER 9.51
Rebecca RDEV 9.53
Anna A RDEV 9.61
Olivia RDEV 9.62
James Hu RPER 9.72
Zak S RDEV 9.81
Sasha RPER 9.89
Thomas K RDEV 9.89
Dominic RDEV 10.02
Millie Mc RPER 10.05
Anna F RPER 10.08
Matthew W RPER 10.08
James Ro RPER 10.14
Elliott RDEV 10.16
Jamie RDEV 10.25
Nell RDEV 10.27
Lilly RDEV 10.33
Freya B RPER 10.49
Harrison RDEV 10.61
Joshua B RDEV 10.66
Edie RPER 10.67
Phillipa RDEV 10.7
Charlotte K RPER 10.75
Ashton RDEV 10.83
Aimee RPER 11.11
Mischa RDEV 11.29
Solomon RDEV 11.34
Kieran R RDEV 11.38
Chloe RDEV 11.51
Sophia RDEV 11.72
Alex RDEV 11.98
Luke RDEV 12.06
Isaac RDEV 12.28

Season Bests - 200m Max Kick Test

Hi All,

Below you can see where you are ranked across the regional squads for this seasons 200m kick test.

Season bests can be seen using the link below.

Well Done!!
The Regional Team

200m FS Max Kick Test
Louis RPER 3:08.25
Maxim RPER 3:08.48
Joseph H RPER 3:08.91
Ben S RPER 3:15.79
George RPER 3:18.48
Isla RPER 3:18.75
Caitlin RPER 3:19.10
Charlie RPER 3:19.88
Sasha RPER 3:21.40
Emilio RPER 3:23.86
Thomas Sp RPER 3:26.28
Jack Se RPER 3:26.84
Olivia RDEV 3:30.42
Finlay RDEV 3:30.58
Abby RPER 3:32.85
Kieran B RDEV 3:33.63
Henry RDEV 3:33.77
Sam RPER 3:35.47
Charlotte B RPER 3:36.16
Jack Mi RPER 3:36.98
Jacob B RPER 3:38.67
Kidiest RPER 3:39.59
Jacob G RPER 3:40.24
Harry RPER 3:40.42
James Ro RPER 3:41.57
Thomas K RDEV 3:42.40
Freya B RPER 3:44.03
Leah RPER 3:45.08
Elliott RDEV 3:45.73
Jolie RPER 3:46.21
Anna A RDEV 3:46.22
Niamh RPER 3:47.31
Edie RPER 3:47.54
Dominic RDEV 3:47.68
Rhys RDEV 3:47.80
James Hu RPER 3:47.96
Millie Mc RPER 3:50.04
Freya J RPER 3:51.20
Joshua RPER 3:51.38
Anna F RPER 3:54.36
Solomon RDEV 3:57.66
Matthew W RPER 3:59.43
Amelia K RDEV 4:00.88
Kasja RDEV 4:02.28
Iona RDEV 4:02.88
Charlotte K  RPER 4:03.69
Jessica RDEV 4:05.26
Joshua B RDEV 4:05.30
Charlotte RDEV 4:05.54
Chloe  RDEV 4:07.55
Aimee RPER 4:09.62
Zak S RDEV 4:11.88
Lilly RDEV 4:12.25
Harrison  RDEV 4:13.70
Kieran R RDEV 4:13.98
Sophia RDEV 4:14.12
Jamie RDEV 4:14.42
Ashton RDEV 4:14.84
Nell RDEV 4:15.61
Mischa RDEV 4:15.88
Phillipa RDEV 4:20.15
Rebecca RDEV 4:22.53
Isaac  RDEV 4:23.12
Martha  RPER 4:25.24
Lauren RDEV 4:25.57
Alex RDEV 4:26.69
Luke RDEV 4:38.83

200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test Results

Hi All,

Here are the results from this months kick test.  PB's are highlighted in green.  The next kick test will be held on Monday 5th September.  

Some great improvements throughout the season.  Great job, keep up the hard work!

All times from the start of the season can be viewed using the link below.

Well Done!!
The Regional Team

Regional Dev 200m FS Max Kick
Olivia 3:30.42
Finlay 3:30.58
Kieran B 3:40.28
Henry 3:40.28
Thomas K 3:42.40
Anna A 3:46.22
Dominic 3:47.68
Elliott 3:51.23
Rhys 3:51.71
Amelia K 4:02.16
Iona 4:04.53
Solomon 4:04.66
Jessica 4:05.26
Kasja 4:07.26
Charlotte 4:07.98
Zak S 4:11.92
Chloe  4:13.98
Sophia 4:14.12
Ashton 4:14.84
Nell 4:15.61
Harrison  4:17.79
Joshua B 4:22.07
Rebecca 4:25.13
Jamie 4:26.64
Lauren 4:27.21
Lilly 4:27.96
Mischa 4:32.72
Alex 4:33.30
Isaac  4:35.48
Luke 5:02.55
Kieran R Absent
Phillipa Absent
Regional Dev 15m U/W
Amelia 8.69
Finlay 8.79
Jessica 9.07
Kieran B 9.11
Iona 9.24
Lauren 9.3
Charlotte C 9.47
Anna A 9.61
Olivia 9.62
Kasja 9.67
Henry 9.77
Zak S 9.95
Rhys 9.99
Rebecca 10.09
Elliott 10.16
Nell 10.27
Lilly 10.34
Thomas K 10.39
Harrison 10.61
Joshua B 10.93
Dominic 11.01
Mischa 11.29
Ashton 11.41
Chloe 11.51
Sophia 11.9
Jamie 12.01
Solomon 12.01
Luke 12.8
Alex 12.99
Isaac 13.19
Phillipa Absent
Kieran R Absent
Regional Per  200m FS Max Kick
Louis 3:08.25
Maxim 3:08.48
Ben S 3:15.79
George 3:19.07
Isla 3:23.43
Emilio 3:23.86
Sasha 3:24.09
Jack Se 3:30.38
Abby 3:32.85
Sam 3:35.47
Charlie 3:37.31
Kidiest 3:40.32
Harry 3:40.93
James Ro 3:41.57
Jacob G 3:42.02
Jack Mi 3:42.94
Leah 3:45.71
Niamh 3:47.31
Edie 3:47.54
Jolie 3:47.73
Millie Mc 3:50.04
Freya J 3:51.20
Jacob B 3:53.24
Anna F 3:58.73
James Hu 4:02.39
Freya B 4:08.58
Charlotte K  4:10.53
Joseph H Absent
Caitlin Absent
Thomas Sp Absent
Charlotte B Absent
Joshua Absent
Matthew W Absent
Aimee Absent
Martha  Injured
Regional Per  15m U/W
Jack Mi 7.97
Louis 8.29
Jack Se 8.43
Ben S 8.65
Kidiest 8.8
George 8.81
Harry 8.83
Abby 8.9
Jacob B 9
Emilio 9.01
Jolie 9.19
Maxim 9.33
Isla 9.34
Jacob G 9.41
Charlie 9.44
Sam 9.74
Freya J 9.77
Sasha 9.89
Niamh 10.24
Leah 10.25
Millie Mc 10.35
Charlotte K 10.75
Anna F 11.12
James Hu 11.57
Edie 11.58
James Ro 11.82
Freya B 12.57
Joseph H Absent
Thomas Sp Absent
Aimee Absent
Caitlin Absent
Joshua Absent
Matthew W Absent
Charlotte B Absent
Martha  Injured