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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Training Changes

Hi All,

Unfortunately due to an underwater hockey pool booking in the main pool there will be no training for Regional Performance on Saturday 3rd December.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

The Regional Team

Yorkshire SA Championships & Yorkshire SA Sprints Championships Entries 2017

Hi All,

Entries for the Yorkshire Championships will be taken on Monday 5th December. Please note only additional entries that are achieved at the City of Leeds Xmas and New Year meet will be taken on Monday 9th January.

The Yorkshire Championships is one of the biggest competitions in the Regional Squads calendar and therefore swimmers should enter ALL races they have achieved a qualifying time in.  For some swimmers it may look like you have a lot of events to swim when you fill your forms in, however the meet is spread across three weekends so you won't have to swim everything all in one go.
We will start signing forms from tonight.  Please remember we will not be able to sign forms on Monday evening as we will be coaching from 4.30pm on wards.  Please try your best to get your forms to us before a Monday night.
Converted times from short course are allowed.  Some of you may need to use the converter below to see if your short course times converted to long course are a Yorkshire Qualifying time.
Swimming Course Converter
Regional Developments PB's can be viewed below.  Any times highlighted in green are events you have qualified for and should be entered.  If you spot any mistakes please email Kevin and he will correct them.

Regional Development PB's

Entry forms and information can be downloaded and printed using the links below (Ages 31st December 2017):
The Regional Team

Junior League Grand Final 2016

Team Leeds was in action at the Corby International Pool for the 8th year in a row last Sunday. The Coaches and Club are really pleased with the effort and performances of the day, improving on last year's 3rd place finish and closing the gap on Guildford (66 points ahead in 2015, 21 points ahead in 2016).  There were 49 races and Leeds managed to bag 8 1st place finishes and 30 top 3 place finishes. We are on our way back up to the top .

1st - City of Guildford = 303
2nd - City of Leeds = 282
3rd - Plymouth Leander = 251
4th - Stockport Metro = 221
5th - Gateshead & Wickham = 192
6th - City of Norwich = 187
7th - City of Derby = 176
8th - Northampton = 145

The coaching team definitively observed improvement in racing skills from all of the team. Lara Thomson received Top Girl in the 11 years age group for her performances in the individual events and we achieved a meet record in the Boys 9 years Medley Relay (Harry Senior, Joseph Levison, Thomas Milner & Kourosh Khodakhah).

Support from the balcony was excellent all day, you all looked great in your team colours. We would like thank Andrew Russell for helping judge on the day and we would like to show our appreciation to Jo Yeomans for her excellent team managing skills.

"A Team Above All. And Above All A TEAM."

Photos can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Results can be viewed by clicking the link below:

City of Leeds Junior League History
2016 - 2nd = 282
2015 - 3rd = 254
2014 - 6th = 192
2013 - 1st = 301
2012 - 1st = 321
2011 - 1st = 321
2010 - 1st = 322

The Regional Team

Snow Frills Meet Smasssshed!

A fantastic weekend of racing down in Ponds Forge on by both Regional Squads.  It was great to see some of the younger swimmers trying new races for the first time and achieve Yorkshire times.  Keep up the hard work.

Regional Development achieved 113 PB's out of 121 Swims, 3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, 6 Bronze Medals, 33 4th - 10th place finishes and 22 more Yorkshire qualifying times.

Gold Medallists (1)
Martha (2), Theodore (1)

Silver Medallists (1)
Martha (1)

Bronze Medallists (4)
Megan (2), Lucy (2), Isaac (1), Martha (1), 

4th - 10th Finishers 
Lucy (4th), Jad (4th, 6th, 7th, 7th, 8th & 8th), Isaac (5th, 5th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 8th & 9th), Jamie (5th, 6th, 7th, 7th, 7th, 9th, 9th, 9th & 10th), Megan (5th & 6th), Holly (5th, 9th & 10th), Theodore (6th & 7th), Koby (7th), Martha (7th & 9th), Olivia He (8th)

Regional Performance achieved 71 PB's out of 104 Swims, 3 Silver Medals, 1 Bronze Medal, 35 4th - 10th place finishes and 14 more Yorkshire qualifying times.

Silver Medallists (2)
Lauren (2), Jacob Gds (1), 

Bronze Medallists (1)
Henry (1)

4th - 10th Finishers (13)
Kasja (5th), Lauren (5th, 6th, 6th & 7th), Jacob Gds (5th, 9th & 8th), Henry (6th), George S (6th, 8th, 8th & 10th), Rhys (7th, 8th, 8th, 9th, 10th & 10th), Finlay (7th, 8th & 8th), Amelia K (7th & 9th), Edith (7th & 0th), Joshua B (7th & 10th), Charlie (8th), Chloe (8th, 9th, 9th & 9th), Dominic (9th & 9th)

Results from the meet can be viewed by clicking the link below

Well done everyone, the coaching staff are very proud of you all Emoji

With only 2 more opportunities (Xmas & New Year Meets) to achieve qualifying times before the Yorkshire's please try to attend every session to give yourself the best possible chance of getting those times.

The Regional Team

Arena League Win!

Well done to the City of Leeds swimmers who took part in Round 2 of the Arena League bringing back the Gold.

1st - City of Leeds = 264

2nd - City of Sheffield A = 250

3rd - Borough of Kirklees = 187

4th - York City Baths = 132

5th - Doncaster Dartes = 122

6th - City of Sheffield B = 94

Good Luck in the final held at John Charles on Saturday 10th December.

The Regional Team

Christmas Cracker Rejections

Hi All,

Unfortunately due to the large amount of entries the following swimmers were rejected from the Christmas Cracker meet and will need to collect refunds form the Denison Suite on a Monday evening.

Regional Development

George K - 50 BK = 6.50

Holly M - 100 BK, 200 BR, 50 Fly & 50 FS = 26.00

Jacob GW - 200 IM & 100 FS = 13.00

Isaac - 50 Fly & 50 FS = 13.00

Megan B - 50 Fly, 50 BK, 50 BR & 50 FS = 26.00

Jad - 50 FS & 50 BK

Grace CR - 50 BR, 50 Fly & 50 FS = 19.50

Jamie B - 50 Fly = 6.50

Olivia He - 50 BR, 50 Fly & 50 FS = 19.50

Neve P - 50 BK & 50 FS = 13.00

Lucy A - 50 BK, 50 Fly & 50 FS = 19.50

Amelia - 50 BK = 6.50

Regional Performance

James R - 50 Fly, 50 FS, 200 IM, 50 BR & 50 BK = 32.50

Rebecca D - 50 Fly = 6.50

Dominic M - 50 Fly & 50 BK = 13.00

Lauren S - 50 Fly & 50 FS = 13.00

Finlay W - 50 FS = 6.50

Jacob B - 50 Fly = 6.50

Sophia K - 50 Fly = 6.50

Iona L - 50 BK, 100 BK & 200 BR = 19.50

Charlie B - 200 IM = 6.50 

Joshua Su - 50 Fly & 50 BR = 13.00

Rhys R - 50 Fly = 6.50

Charlotte B - 50 BR & 50 FS = 13.00

Olivia Hi - 200 BR = 6.50

Henry F - 50 Fly & 50 FS = 13.00

Charlotte C - 50 Fly = 6.50

Philippa - 50 BK = 6.50

Aimee W - 50 BR, 50 BK & 50 Fly = 19.50

Jacob Go - 50 BR = 6.50

Jessica W - 100 BK & 50 Fly = 13.00

Jack Mi - 50 Fly & 100 FS = 13.00

James Hu - 50 Fly, 50 FS, 200 IM, & 50 BK = 26.00

Rejections list can be viewed by clicking the link below

City of Leeds Christmas Cracker Rejections

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas Cracker Meet

Hi All,

"Unfortunately due to the amount of unforeseen entries in the Christmas cracker, we have had to reject everyone from 50m events (except those where caps & squad standards will be affected). In addition, Regional Development, Performance and Junior Performance have been rejected from events in Session 4 when they have already obtained the Yorkshire time. All those who do not have a Yorkshire time in those events have been left in.  This will hopefully allow the competition to run smoother. A time to collect rejections will be announced soon.

Once again we apologise for the inconvenience."

The Regional Team

Arena League Final

Hi all,


Please find below the Team Roster for the North-East Final of the ARENA League due to be held at John Charles on Saturday 10th December 2016. Please note that this is an afternoon event.


Could you please confirm your child’s attendance by replying to Craig Robinson (

Regional Performance

Sam E

Thomas Sp

Zak S

Joshua S

Elliott W

Charlotte C

Rebecca D

Kind regards,

The Regional Team

Morning Training

Hi All,

As a reminder to all parents, morning training is a requirement of all swimmers in Regional Development therefore can the following be adhered to:


Age 10&Under – should attend Monday mornings

Age 11&Over – should attend Thursday mornings 


It is possible should either day be missed then you can make up on the other day


Many thanks

The Regional Team

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Junior League National Final (Sunday 27th November)

The gala will take place at:

Corby International Pool,
Parkland Gateway,
NN17 1QB
All swimmers will need to arrive at John Charles no later than 8:15 am ready for the coach to depart at 8:30 am sharp. We will not be allowed in to the building until 12:15 so we strongly advise that children bring a warm/waterproof jacket with them as we could be eating on arrival outside.  Warm-up starts at 12:30 pm with the parade of teams at approximately 13:30 pm. We hope to be back at JCC for 7:30 pm.  All swimmers will be required to travel to and from the meet on the team coach. 

If your child has a team track suit they should travel to and from the event in it.  Each swimmer must wear their Junior League Final 2016 whilst the event is taking place and for all team photographs.  Junior League Final 2016 T Shirts will be handed out on Sunday.  Please also ensure your child has another Leeds t-shirt to wear on the way home.
Obviously this will be a long day, so the children will need enough food and drinks to last the day. They should not be given all of their food for the day straight away, as they tend to eat too much on the journey down to Corby. Swimmers will not be allowed to leave our teams marshalling area to collect drinks from parents etc during the meet. Therefore please ensure they are adequately supplied with nutritious snacks and enough hydration on arrival at the pool.  Can we also ask that the children are sent with a £1 coin for a locker as last year they were not allowed to bring bags onto pool side.
Swimmers please remember everything you have practiced.  This will be a tough competition, every millisecond counts in an event like this so remember shallow dives, kick hard, get up and race hard and don't slow down into finishes.  BE CAREFUL ON THE TAKEOVERS!!!! It is better to go late than early.  We need to grab every point we can, getting disqualified can cause the team to loose 8 points, this we don't want. 
Parents please wear team colours!!!  Remember the louder you shout the faster the swimmers will go, nobody should have a voice left by the end of the competition.  We look forward to seeing you all dressed up in your hats, wigs, face paints etc.  Make as much noise as you can!  Drums, horns, flags, floating sharks, chants we want to see you go all out!  We do not just want the best swimmers on the day, we want the best supporters on the balcony too.  We are all part of the same team, please make sure you get behind every swimmer.
Hope you all have a fun and exciting day. 
Good Luck Everyone! Smile
The Regional Team

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

'Snow Frills' Meet 2016

Hi All,

Details of the meet can be found by clicking the links below

Am Sessions
Arrive:  07:30
Warm Up:  08:00
Start:  09:00

Pm Sessions
Arrive:  12:30
Warm Up:  13:00
Start:  14:00

Good Luck to everyone competing, get chasing those long course Yorkshire times!

Swimmers in Regional Development are to report to Kevin on Saturday and Kim on Sunday.

Please note the 50m Backstroke event for both genders has been moved to the Sunday afternoon session.  If you are unable to do this, please email before Thursday 24th to receive a refund.

"When I go out and race, I'm not trying to beat opponents, I'm trying to beat what I have done ... to beat myself, basically. People find that hard to believe because we've had such a bias to always strive to win things. If you win something and you haven't put everything into it, you haven't actually achieved anything at all. When you've had to work hard for something and you've got the best you can out of yourself on that given day, that's where you get satisfaction from."
Ian Thorpe
"I concentrate on preparing to swim my race and let the other swimmers think about me, not me about them." 
Amanda Beard

"If you want to win.....throw your excuses in the bin!"

The Regional Team

Training Changes

Hi All,

Please note the the following training changes due to competitions this weekend.

Regional Development & Regional Performance
Friday 25th November - 19:00 - 20:00 
Saturday 26th November - No Training (Group competing at Snow Frills)
Monday 28th November - No Am Training (Recovery)

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Easy Fundraising

The City of Leeds Swimming Club are always looking for new ways to raise funds to support our swimmers.  The Club is registered with Easy Fundraising. helps charities, schools, sports clubs, community groups, and other good causes to raise money when their supporters shop on line. So far they have raised over £3 million for causes throughout the UK.

It works in a similar way to many other loyalty shopping sites, but instead of earning points when you shop, you raise a donation for City of Leeds Swimming Club instead. It's as simple as that!

I am sure with Christmas fast approaching most of us will be doing our shopping on line, so please register with easyfundraising, it really is a very simple way to boost funds for the club.

For information how to register click on the following link which is a letter from the supporters committee explaining how.
Help Your Club - Easy Fundraising

For any more additional information please see Lucie Black or Sally Clynes.

The Regional Team

Regional Xmas Party

Hi All,

For those swimmers attending the Regional Xmas Party at Oxygen Free Trampoline Park on 20th December, parents are required to complete the participation consent form below and pass back to Kim Mathias before Monday 12th December.

Oxygen Freejumping Participant Consent Form


Many thanks

The Regional Team