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Lead Coach (RAG 2) - Josh Spencer (

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Haloween Kick Set

On Friday 31st October we will be doing the Halloween Kick set.  We hope to see some really good masks.  For those of you who have not done the Halloween Kick set before it is just a bit of fun where you will perform a kick set in the scariest mask you can find.

The Regional TeamDevil

York City Baths Club Regional Qualifier & Training Changes

Hi All,
Below are some training changes due to the competition this weekend.
Friday 31st October - 1 hour only

Sunday 2nd November - No Training for anyone competing.  Training will be as normal for the swimmers not competing and will be taken by the candidates on the Level 2 coaching course

Monday 3rd November - No AM Training (Recovery)

We have just had two fantastic meets.  Lets have another great weekend of racing and keep chasing those times!  Remember as the meet is short course turns are essential for picking up speed, do not slow down for the walls.
Venue:  Ennerdale Leisure Centre, HU7 6EA
Am Sessions
Arrive: 07.30
Warm Up: 08.00
Start: 09.00
Pm Sessions
Arrive: 12.30
Warm Up: 13.00
Start: 14.00
Meet Information
Accepted Entries
Good Luck to everyone competing.  SMASH IT!!!
The Regional Team

Time Trial

Hi All,


Entries will be taken for the time trial on Monday 3rd November. Entries can be emailed ahead of this to with payments then made on 3rd November.


N.B…all cheques to be £10 or over.


Please note exact time start time will be decided once the club know how many entries there are – however it will definitely be in the afternoon following the Development Meet which is taking place in the morning.


Please only enter events you are desperate for times in or have never swum before.  There will only be a short turn around time between events and therefore recovery time will be limited.


Just so you are aware the 200 Breaststroke was missed off the entry form in error! If you have swimmers who need to enter this then just add it on.


The Regional Team

Regional Age Group Storm The Leeds Grand Prix

You are all swimming amazing at the moment and so early on in the season.  We were really impressed with you all over the weekend, especially with the improvement in your turn speed on the wall.  It was a long weekend but you all managed to keep spirits high to the end of the meet. 

Well done to those swimmers who achieved North Eastern qualifying times for the first week in December. With this at the top of Regional Age Groups competition calendar, anyone who has a time must enter even if it is only one event.  You have done the hard work and achieved the times so therefore deserve to swim against the fastest swimmers in the North East. Remember every millisecond you knock off is a step closer to those qualifying times, work every turn in training like you would in a race so it is perfect on the day.   Lets go show them how its done!

This weekend Regional 1 achieved 57 PB's out of 64 Swims8 more NER times, 1 Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze Medals.
StarGold Medalists (1)Star
Isabelle G (1)
Silver Medalists (2)
Isabelle G (1), Elizabeth (1)
Bronze Medalists (1)
Elizabeth (1)
 Regional 2 achieved 34 PB's out of 44 Swims7 more NER times, 1 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medals and 7 Bronze Medals.
StarGold Medalists (1)Star
Jacob (1)
Silver Medalists (1)
Jacob (1)
Bronze Medalists (2)
Jacob (4), Millie (1), Isabel B (1), Alicia (1)
"It's how you prepare months before in the training pool that will determine your performance at the main event. Your ruthless attendance, quality and consistency of your training will serge you forwards to a result you will be happy with!"
The Regional Team

Friday, 24 October 2014

Yorkshire Qualifying Times 2015

Hi All,

Below is a link to the Yorkshire Qualifying Times 2015

Lets get chasing those times

The Regional Team

Thursday, 23 October 2014

City of Leeds October Meet & Training Changes

Hi All,
There will be no training on Sunday 26th October due to the City of Leeds Grand Prix taking place at John Charles.
Friday nights training will be around an hour long for competing swimmers and should not be missed.  We will be covering last minute race preparation and then finishing early to allow for an early night so you are all rested for the weekend.  
Please remember that it is City of Leeds policy to arrive 30 minutes prior to the warm up starting, late swimmers could be pulled out of the session by the team manager.

Session 1 (Saturday am): Arrive 07:30, Warm Up: 08:00, Start 09:00
Session 2 (Saturday pm): Arrive 12:30, Warm Up: 13:00, Start 14:00 
Session 3 (Sunday am): Arrive 07:30, Warm Up: 08:00, Start 09:00 
Session 4 (Sunday pm): Arrive 12:30, Warm Up: 13:00, Start 14:00  

A draft programme and rejection list can be seen by clicking the links below:
Good Luck to everyone competing.  Remember what you have worked on in training and transfer this into your racing.  Most importantly use those turns to pick up speed and not loose speed.
Swimmers are to report to Kevin on Saturday and Josh on Sunday

GO FOR IT!!!!  
Get chasing those Yorkshire & North Eastern Times Flirt-male
The Regional Team

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

City of Bradford Winter Meet (25m)

Hi All,

The club will be taking entries for the City of Bradford Meet (13th & 14th December) held at Shipley Swimming Pool on Monday 27th October.  All squad members are required to enter this meet.  Regional squads be entering this meet instead of the City of Leeds Christmas Meet.

We will start signing forms from tonight.  

Info Pack

Entry Form

The Regional Team

Training Changes - Wednesday PM

Hi All,

There will be changes to training on the following Wednesday sessions and the last Friday of the month.  

All swimmers who are participating in the Junior League Grand Final will be required to train with the team from 6:30 - 7:30pm.  All remaining swimmers in the Regional squads will train from 6.45 - 7.45pm.


Wednesday 22nd October

Wednesday 29th October

Wednesday 5th November

Wednesday 12th November

Wednesday 19th November

Wednesday 26th November

Friday 28th November (Normal Time)



The Regional Team

Junior League Grand Final

Date:  Sunday 30th November

Venue:  Corby International Pool, East Midlands
Arrive JCCS: 08:15
Depart JCCS:  08:30

Warm-up starts at 12:30 pm with the parade of teams at approximately 13:30 pm. We hope to be back at JCC for 19:30 pm.  All swimmers will be required to travel to and from the meet on the team coach. 

Please can the following swimmers confirm their availability to Craig by Monday 27th October at

Regional Age Squad 1
Isabel G
Thomas K

Regional Age Squad 2
Jacob B
Isabel B
Ella C


The Regional Team

Arena Swimming League 2014 - Round 1

Congratulations to all those who represented the City of Leeds Team at Round 1 of the Arena Swimming League 2014.  The swimmers continued their great form following a busy day of racing at the Yorkshire Winter Competition, with the majority of swimmers continuing to produce lifetime best performances late into the evening.

1st = City of Sheffield 'A' - 300 pts
2nd = City of Leeds - 280 pts
3rd - Borough of Kirklees - 254 pts
4th = Doncaster Dartes - 171 pts
5th = Cleethorpes & District - 156 pts
6th = City of Sheffield 'B' - 144 pts
7th = Harrogate - 84 pts

Thanks also to the coaches and team managers who were present to support the team members at this meet.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Regional Age Group Start The Season On A High

We were very impressed with the amount of PB's achieved over the weekend and the high level of skills during your races.  Usually this time of year, in early season it is great if swimmers can match their PB's but you guys seem to be smashing them already.  Excellent swimming. Open-mouth smile
Regional 1 achieved 76 PB's out of 89 Swims, 3 Gold Medals 2 Silver Medals and 8 more NER times for Sunderland in December. Great stuff.
StarGold Medallists (1)Star
Isabelle (3)
Silver Medallists (1)
Isabelle (2)
Top 10 Finishers (6)
Elizabeth (4th, 6th, 7th & 8th), David (4th & 9th), Louis (6th), Leah (6th), Joanna (8th), Chloe (10th)
Regional 2 achieved 59 PB's out of 74 Swims1 Gold Medal and 10 more NER times for Sunderland in December.  Well Done!
StarGold Medallists (1)Star
Caitlin (1)
Top 10 Finishers (4)
Jacob B (7th, 9th & 10th), Ella C (6th & 10th), Caitlin (7th), Phoebe (10th)
I hope you all enjoyed racing in the Yorkshires and are fired up ready for the up coming meets.  Keep chasing those North Eastern times. Clock

Results can be viewed by clicking the link below

Yorkshire S.A. Winter Competition 2014


"I wouldn't say anything is impossible. I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time into it". Michael Phelps
The Regional Team

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Yorkshire Championships & Changes to Training

Hope you are all looking forward to racing this weekend.  As we are still in early season training the target this weekend is to be as close to your PB's as possible.  Remember work the turns and transitions into strokes.  Smash the underwater work! Try and be first to 15m and then stay in front.  Accelerate into the turns and finishes, the walls are there to help you not slow you down.

Training Changes
Friday 10th October Pm -  Training will be just an hour (19:00 - 20:00) to go over some last minute race tactics.  
Sunday 12th October PmWith nearly 100% of both groups competing over the weekend in Sheffield there will be no training on Sunday night.
Monday 13th October Am - Both squads will have the morning off to recover from a full weekend of racing.

Arrival Times (Ponds Forge)
Sat & Sun - Am Sessions
Arrive - 07:30
Warm Up - 08:00
Start - 09:00
Sat & Sun - Pm Sessions
Arrive - 12:30
Warm Up - 13:00
Start - 14:00
Draft programme can be found by clicking the link below:

Good Luck to everyone competing!

The Regional Team

200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test Results

Hi All,

Here are the results from this months kick test.  PB's are highlighted in green.  The next kick test will be held on the first week in November.  
Well Done!!

The Regional Team
Regional 1
200m FS K
Maxim 03:33.66
Mia 03:38.08
Hannah  B 03:38.28
Chloe 03:38.30
George 03:38.58
Joanna 03:39.33
Ella 03:41.09
Tom 03:43.41
Hannah C  03:44.09
Elizabeth 03:54.41
Emilio 03:57.87
Charlie 04:00.19
Finlay 04:00.65
Joe 04:01.22
Isabelle  04:01.35
Eve 04:02.44
Faith  04:03.26
Freddie 04:04.25
David 04:19.45
Jacob G 04:19.76
Evie 04:29.47
Leah 04:32.22
Charlotte  04:33.16
William 04:36.37
Nathan 04:41.60
Millie 04:49.44
Zak 05:10.09
Aimee 05:22.00
Louis Absent
Daniel Absent
Matthew W Absent
Thomas Absent
Emily Absent
Regional 1 15m U/W
Ella 9.94
Tom 10.22
Hannah  B 10.91
Joanna 11.04
Maxim 11.18
Chloe 11.3
Isabelle  11.37
Charlie 11.53
George 11.64
Nathan 11.76
Elizabeth 11.78
Hannah C  12.09
Faith  12.13
Mia 12.3
Finlay 12.62
Zak 12.84
Evie 12.87
William 12.91
Jacob G 12.97
Leah 13.22
David 13.23
Freddie 13.44
Millie 13.62
Joe 14.11
Emilio 14.25
Eve 14.45
Charlotte  14.62
Aimee 15.79
Louis Absent
Daniel Absent
Matthew W Absent
Thomas Absent
Emily Absent
Charlotte Absent
Isong Absent
Lucas Absent
Maia Absent
Millie Ag Absent
Regional 2 15m U/W
Benjamin B 03:20.34
Joseph H 03:22.98
Ella 03:23.38
Eve B 03:37.09
Ben S 03:39.41
Phoebe 03:44.06
Libby 03:44.62
Niamh 03:45.63
Isabel B 03:45.74
Alicia 03:48.34
Alyssa 03:48.34
Millie Ai 03:48.34
Akal 03:55.72
Edwin 03:57.44
Caitlin 03:58.05
Jenna 03:58.66
Jasmine 04:07.90
Amelie 04:08.58
Jack S 04:10.75
Jack M 04:12.97
Emily 04:18.37
Elle 04:20.47
Harry 04:33.90
Lucy Absent
Olivia Absent
Sadie  Absent
Abby Absent
Anouska Absent
Jacob B Absent
Eldrick Absent
Charlotte Absent
Isong Absent
Lucas Absent
Maia Absent
Millie Ag Absent
Regional 2 15m U/W
Benjamin B 9.64
Ella 9.76
Jenna 9.78
Phoebe 9.91
Isabel B 10.09
Joseph H 10.48
Jasmine 10.52
Libby 10.71
Caitlin 10.92
Ben S 11.03
Amelie 11.13
Akal 11.25
Alyssa 11.26
Niamh 11.32
Elle 11.38
Harry 11.38
Eve B 11.4
Emily 11.92
Alicia 12.33
Edwin 12.68
Jack M 12.78
Jack S 13m
Millie Ai Absent
Lucy Absent
Olivia Absent
Sadie  Absent
Abby Absent
Anouska Absent
Jacob B Absent
Eldrick Absent
Charlotte Absent
Isong Absent
Lucas Absent
Maia Absent
Millie Ag Absent