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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Welsh Summer Open Meet 2017 - Additional Entries

Hi All,


Just a reminder for those swimmers wanting to try and enter any additional events that the online system will open again at 9:00 am on Friday 23rd June to fill any remaining spaces.


Entries will close at 1pm on Friday 23rd June.


The Regional Team

City of Leeds Summer Meet & Training Changes

Hi All,

Below are the arrival and warm up times for this weekends competition.
Am Sessions
Arrive: 07:30
Warm Up: 08:00
Start: 09:00

Pm Sessions
Arrive: 12:30
Warm Up: 13:00
Start: 14:00

Draft Programme can be viewed by clicking the link below:

The end of the season is coming fast, get stuck in this weekend and finish this year off in style.  Those swimmers who are trying the 400m races for the first time, don't worry you will be fine, just enjoy it.  Good Luck to everyone who is competing. Keep chasing those Yorkshire times!  

Upper Qualifying Times (13 & Over) - Held at JCCS on 21st & 22nd October
Lower Qualifying Times (12 & Under) - Held at JCCS on 30th September & 1st October
Please take note of the training alterations this weekend due to the competition,
Regional Development

Friday 23rd June - 19:00 - 20:00 (1 Hour Only - No Land Training)

Saturday 24th June - No Training (Group Competing at Leeds)

Monday 26th July - AM = ALL OFF! (Recovery)


Regional Performance
Friday 23rd June - 19:00 - 20:00 (1 Hour Only)

Saturday 24th June - No Training (Group Competing at Leeds)

Monday 26th July - AM = ALL OFF! (Recovery)


'Enjoy the journey, enjoy every moment and quit worrying bout winning and losing.'  (Matt Biondi - American Swimmer, eight-time Olympic Gold Medallist, Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992)
The Regional Team 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Harrogate Summer A Graded Meet

Some fantastic results and some very big PB's.   The coaching staff are very happy and proud of you all.

With the last few meets of the season coming up please try and attend all the sessions you can.  This will give yourself the best chance of success.

Regional Development achieved 130 PB's out of 144 Swims15 Speeding Tickets22 Gold Medals, 14 Silver Medals and 11 Bronze Medals, 24 more Yorkshire Qualifying Times and 2 more NER's.

EmailSpeeding Ticket Winners (7)Email
Daniel Ra (3), Joseph Le (3), Meave Ca (3), Alex Ha (2), Nathan Ra (2), Oliver Br (1), Millie Wi (1)

StarGold Medallists (11)Star
Maeve Ca (5), Nathan Ra (4), Gabrielle Id (2), Grace Mi (2), Kieran He (2), Oliver Br (2), Arthur Fi (1), Daniel Ra (1), Joseph Le (1), Lilka Ba (1), Millie Wi (1)

Silver Medallists (11)
Kieran He (3), Grace Mi (2), Alex Du (1), Arthur Fi (1), Daniel Ra (1), Emma Wo (1), Erin He (1), Joseph Le (1), Maeve Ca (1), Nathan Ra (1), Theodore Ro (1)

Bronze Medallists ()
Grace Mi (3), Nathan Ra (2), Arthur Fi (1), Emma Wo (1), Evie Ha (1), Kieran He (1), Sedona Re (1), Theodore Ro (1)

Regional Performance achieved 123 PB's out of 142 Swims Speeding Tickets41 Gold Medals, 33 Silver Medals, 27 Bronze Medals, 16 Yorkshire Times andmore NER times.

EmailSpeeding Ticket Winners (2)Email
Nell Wi (4), Kourosh Kh (1)

StarGold Medallists (18)Star
Sam Em (7), Megan Bu (4), Solomon Ho (4), Elliott Wa (3), Kourosh Kh (3), Mischa Co (3), Henry Fi (2), Jad Id (2), Joshua Su (2), Olivia He (2), Rhys Ri (2), Christina Bl (1), Dominic Ma (1), Finlay Wi (1), Jack Mi (1), Jacob Br (1), Jacob Gds (1), Sophia Ke (1)

Silver Medallists (19)
Dominic Ma (3), Elliott Wa (3), Kourosh Kh (3), Christina Bl (2), Henry Fi (2), Jack Mi (2), Jacob Gw (2), Joshua Su (2), Megan Bu (2), Olivia He (2), Pheanie Ba (2), Finlay Wi (1), George Sm (1), Harry Se (1), Jacob Br (1), Jad Id (1), Jamie Br (1), Mischa Co (1), Solomon Ho (1)

Bronze Medallists (15)
James Ro (4), Grace CR (3), Jad Id (3), Sophia Ke (3), Henry Fi (2), Jack Mi (2), Megan Bu (2), Christina Bl (1), Dominic Ma (1), Jacob Br (1), Kasja Ri (1), Mischa Co (1), Nell Wi (1), Pheanie Ba (1), Sam Em (1)

Another fantastic meet.  Great Effort!!! 

Regional Development can view your new PB's by clicking the link below;

'I came out here to beat everyone in sight and that is exactly what I'm going to do.  Sure, I can do anything'

The Regional Team Be right back

A Great NER's

After two long tiring weekends of competing it was all worth while.  Some outstanding swims last weekend, you all stepped up and got stuck into your races challenging some of the best swimmers in the North East.   

Regional Squad achieved a total of 33 PB's out of 43 swims and 9 Final Swims.

Finalists & Tom 10 Finishers (4)

Joshua Su (4th & 9th), Elliott Wa (5th, 5th & 9th), Rhys Ri (6th), Dominic Ma (7th), James Ro (7th), Henry Fi (9th), Charlotte Cl (10th)


The Club stormed to the top of the Medals Table achieving 16 Golds11 Silvers and 14 Bronze Medals.  Fingers crossed these results will carry through to the last meet of the year.  Well Done Everyone! Emoji

In the run up to Welsh Nationals and the Chesterfield Meet please try and attend as many sessions as possible to ensure your body is in the best shape possible for the event.

"Success comes with the determination to get up the morning after the hardest practice of your life and do it all over again!"


"There is nothing like the smell of chlorine in the morning, and nothing like the smell of victory in the evening."


The Regional Team

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Training Changes

Hi All,


Due to a pool booking on Saturday 17th June by Team Jorvik Regional Performance will train at the earlier time of 06:45 07:45.


Regional Development will train as normal in the Diving Pit.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


The Regional Team

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Welsh Summer Nationals Online Entries 2017

Hi All,


Just a reminder that Open Entry for remaining spaces opens at 9am tomorrow (Friday 9th June).  This will be on a first come first served basis for those who achieve the qualifying time between 1st August 2016 and the closing date of entry (ranked time from 1st of August 2016).  All entries will close on Friday 23rd June at 1pm.  Swimmers are advise to enter all events they have qualified in.


Here is a link to the Welsh Summer Open Meet Home Page

Swim Wales Summer Open Meet 2017


Please find below a Guide to entering events for Welsh Summer Nationals via the online entry system.

Online Entry Guide

To ensure successful entries please go to the link below just before 9:00am, and follow the guide. Ensure you have your bank details available as your entries are not accepted until the payment goes through.

Here is some advice from Swim Wales;


We are aware of issues regarding the open entry page, please see the following points to avoid the system crashing:

- Do not refresh the page, once you search for your swimmer and the page 'freezes' to load you have been placed in a quee, each time you press refresh you are re-added to the back of the quee! This is often the cause of site crashes.

- The event is popular and spaces are limited, however most traffic on the morning of entries opening is due to users refreshing the page, try a little later in day or Saturday to avoid IT problems-there is however no guarantee that the event will have spaces.

- The system is not managed by Swim Wales, and unfortunately the office is unable to support phone calls regarding technical issues, please be patient with the system. 

- If you experience problems regarding membership please contact

- If you experience problems regarding times, qualifications or rankings please contact 

Good Luck

The Regional Team


200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test Results

 Hi All,

Here are the results from this months kick test.  PB's are highlighted in green.  The next kick test will be held on Monday 3rd July.  

All times from the start of the season can be viewed using the link below.

Well Done!!

The Regional Team

Reg Dev 200m Max Kick
Oliver 3:33.96
Maeve 3:40.96
Lilka 3:51.00
Samantha 3:54.67
Kieran  3:54.78
Joseph 3:56.26
Hannah 3:56.51
Gabrielle  3:57.34
Erin Th 3:58.86
Amy 3:59.59
Koby 4:01.63
Abigail 4:01.69
Milli Pr 4:03.69
Millie Wi 4:04.47
Macy 4:07.54
Daniel  4:08.35
Dominic V 4:10.67
Rhea 4:13.76
Emma 4:15.50
Grace Mi 4:17.34
Arthur 4:18.76
Perry 4:31.78
Sophie  4:38.06
Evie 4:40.69
Isabel 4:45.24
Darcey 4:47.27
Charlotte 4:53.46
Chloe 4:55.16
Maddie 4:56.66
Lounes 5:02.47
Hazel  5:02.72
Alex 5:03.00
Erin He 5:04.14
Nathan 5:09.43
Amelia 5:20.45
Sophia 5:31.16
Theodore Absent
Sedona Absent
Reg Per  200m Max Kick
George S 3:08.50
Charlie 3:08.92
Elliott 3:10.00
George K 3:16.25
Thomas Sp 3:16.82
Henry 3:24.41
Jacob G 3:25.94
Dominic M 3:26.43
Sam 3:28.38
Kourosh 3:31.49
Jack Mi 3:32.87
Thomas Mi 3:33.07
Rhys 3:38.48
Finlay 3:38.50
Kasja 3:39.44
Nell 3:40.11
Solomon 3:42.22
Megan 3:42.47
Sophia 3:42.47
Harry 3:43.75
Joshua B 3:46.01
Christina 3:46.74
Joshua S 3:48.15
Zak  3:48.37
Grace CR 3:48.58
Eve 3:48.83
Ashton 3:56.05
Harrison  4:01.43
Pheanie 4:02.47
Jamie 4:03.87
Neve 4:05.77
Olivia He 4:17.92
Ava 4:26.09
Jacob Gw 4:40.94
Jacob B Absent
Mischa Absent
Jad Absent
James Ro Absent
Reg Dev  15m U/W
Oliver 9
Erin Th 9.34
Abigail  9.73
Grace Mi 9.91
Maeve 10
Emma 10.03
Koby 10.08
Macy 10.41
Samantha 10.43
Joseph 10.67
Milli Pr 10.79
Hazel 10.85
Perry 10.98
Evie 11.06
Darcey 11.09
Lounes 11.19
Charlotte 11.22
Gabrielle  11.23
Daniel  11.25
Hannah 11.25
Sophie 11.4
Amy 11.65
Rhea 11.66
Alex 11.72
Nathan 11.92
Kieran  12.22
Dominic V 12.3
Arthur 12.34
Lilka 12.41
Chloe 12.46
Maddie 12.7
Erin He 12.84
Isabel 13.07
Amelia 13.25
Millie Wi 13.58
Sophia 10m
Theodore Absent
Sedona Absent
Reg Per  15m U/W
Kasja 7.81
Jack Mi 7.94
George S 7.97
Charlie 8.01
Finlay 8.01
Thomas Sp 8.56
Jacob G 8.57
George K 8.71
Sam 8.94
Thomas Mi 9.04
Harry 9.28
Dominic M 9.33
Elliott 9.42
Megan 9.44
Zak  9.61
Jacob Gw 9.69
Grace CR 9.82
Joshua S 9.86
Henry 9.89
Rhys 9.89
Nell 10.02
Neve 10.05
Joshua B 10.19
Sophia 10.22
Ashton 10.28
Eve 10.38
Kourosh 10.42
Christina 10.59
Jamie 10.62
Solomon 10.74
Pheanie 10.99
Ava 11.38
Olivia He 11.45
Harrison 11.65
Jacob B Absent
James Ro Absent
Mischa Absent
Jad Absent