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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Training Changes and New Season

Hi All,
Due to various commitments training for this week has had to change slightly
 Regional 1
Wednesday Pm = End of Season Water Polo Game
Thursday AM = Off
Thursday PM = Normal (Please bring a T Shirt or PJ's for a fun relay at the end of the session)
Friday = Off
Regional 2
Wednesday Pm = Normal (Please bring a T Shirt or PJ's for a fun relay at the end of the session)
Thursday AM = Off
Thursday PM = End of Season Water Polo
Friday = Off

Overall this season has been fantastic!  We have had some amazing results and We are looking forward to the start of next season. Training will commence on Wednesday 27th August.  We will have 23 new swimmers from the Development squads joining us from the start of the new season.  Please make them feel welcome and introduce them to the Regional spirit.  They maybe a little nervous at first, as moving up can be a scary experience.

Well done to the swimmers who were selected to move up to National Age Group and Senior Junior Squad. We hope you have enjoyed your time in Regional Squad and you take the skills you have learnt with you to progress even further up the swimming ladder.  We wish you the best of luck in your new squads.

Just a few reminders........  
The new training times will take effect after the summer break on Wednesday 27th August.  Training times for both squads are as follows:
 Regional Age Group Squad 1                           
Sunday          4.00-6.00 pm     L.C          JCC                                        
Monday          5.00-6.30 am     Pit*         JCC 
Monday          5:30 – 6:25 pm   **Gym    JCC                       
Monday          6.30-8.00 pm     25 x 25  JCC                        
Wednesday  6.45-7.45 pm  Mid Pool JCC *new venue & time                              
Thursday        5.00-6.30 am     L.C          JCC  (6.30-7.00am with Snr/Jnr = Optional)                   
Thursday       6.30-8.00 pm      25 x 25   JCC                        
Friday            7.00-8.30 pm      LC          JCC                        
Regional Age Group Squad 2                           
Sunday          4.00-6.00 pm      L.C          JCC                        
Monday          5.00-6.30 am      Pit*        JCC
Monday          5:30 – 6:25 pm   **Gym    JCC                        
Monday          6.30-8.00 pm      25 x 25  JCC                        
Wednesday    6.30-7.30 pm      25 x 25   JCC                        
Thursday       5.00-6.30 am      L.C           JCC (6.30-7.00am with Snr/Jnr = Optional)                          
Thursday       6.30-8.00 pm      S.C          Armley LC           
Friday       7.00-8.30 pm  L.C       JCC *new venue & time

Morning Training (Mornings will start for our squad on Monday 15th September)
*Monday am (Pit):  This session is for all Regional 1 & 2 swimmers who are aged 10 and under with Kevin & Tom B.
*Monday am (LC):  This session is for all Regional 1 & 2 who swimmers who are aged 11 and over with Josh.

Thursday am (LC):  This session is for all Regional 1 & 2 who swimmers who are aged 11 and over with Kevin & Josh.

In some cases swimmers who are aged 10 and under may be invited to attend the long course morning sessions by their coach.

Land Training (Will start on Monday 1st September with Regional 1)

**Land Training is for all swimmers.  Regional 1 & 2 attend alternate weeks in the gym.  The aim of the gym session is to introduce exercises with focus on safety and correct form.  Emphasis will be placed on developing flexibility, core stability, strength and power using body weight only exercises.  Land training is part of Monday night's session and should not be missed.

Swimmers aged 11 years and over, land training will begin at 5.30pm and finish at 6.10pm. 

Swimmers aged 9 and 10 years, land training will begin at 6.10pm and finish at 6.25pm.

Expected Attendance
Age   Workouts Per Week   Am Workouts
8          5                                 0
9-10     5-6                              0-1
11-12    6-7                              1-2
13        7                                  2                           
Enjoy the Summer Break and make the most of no Swimming whilst you can. Come back feeling fresh ready to train hard again.

The Regional Team Emoji

Welsh Summer Nationals Supporters

Food/ Refreshments

If you are joining us down in Wales to support there is a Cafe located to the right of the reception area providing a range of food options and vending machines. 

Swim Wales will be live streaming this event for the full 7 days to enable friends, family and loved ones to watch you compete if they have had to stay at home. To watch go to and click on the banner to view.

The Regional Team

Welsh Summer Nationals 2013

Hi All,

I hope you are all now getting excited and raring to go.  Below are just a couple of reminders before we depart.

Emergency Contact Number:  07715 323 994 (This number will be available 24hrs during the competition)

The Wales Travel Itinerary:

Meet at JCCS Aquatics Centre: 08:45

Coach Departs: 09:15

Arrive in Swansea: 16:00 (approximately)

Depart Swansea 9th August: 09:30 (approximately)

Arrive at the JCCS Aquatics Centre: 16:30 - 17:00 (approximately) (We will ask children to keep you posted via mobile phones en route. If you'd prefer your child not to have a mobile phone, please let Jolene Larner know, and she will keep you informed during the journey to any changes.)


Kit List

2 x Club T Shirt

Club Tracksuit (or plain blue/ black tracksuit trousers)

Club Hoodie

Club Shorts (or plain blue/ black shorts)

Welsh Summer Nationals 2013 T Shirts

2 x Towel

2 x Swim Kit

2 x Drinks Bottle

Bottle of Cordial

Cereal Bars/ Snacks for poolside

Mobile Phone and Charger

Alarm Clock


Sun Hat/ baseball cap

Games, Puzzles, Cards etc

All medicine should be clearly labeled with the swimmers name and dosage requirements in a small plastic food bag and given to David Broome before departure.

Swimmers will need a packed lunch or money (please keep on you) to be able to get lunch on the journey down and will need money for the lunch on the return journey.  You may leave money for emergency and food on the return journey with Jolene Larner.  If you wish to do this please put the money in an envelope with the swimmers name and amount clearly written on the envelope.

We have been made aware of some people who will be leaving us early, or not returning on the bus, if you will be doing this, please let us know in advance.


Remember that all team members travel in FULL Team Kit en route to Swansea. Team members must be clearly visible in their for Team Leaders during stop-offs and in case of emergency.


If you have a spare lanyard, can I recommend that you give it to your child for the duration of their trip. Welsh Nationals do not supply these for the poolside passes. Therefore there is a tendency to lose them. Attaching the pass to a lanyard and then your bag means they are rarely lost.

Good Luck to everyone competing in Wales!  Have a fantastic trip and finish the season off in style. SMASH IT!!!

"I wouldn't say anything is impossible.  I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time into it" (Michael Phelps; American Swimmer, 14-time Olympic Gold Medalist (Athens 2004, Beijing 2008)

The Regional Team

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Competition Calendar 2014 - 2015

Hi All,


Below is a link to our competition for the 2014-2015 season.  Remember the target for Regional Squad is to achieve as many Yorkshire and North Eastern qualifying times as possible.


Competition Calendar 2014 - 2015 Season

Winter Yorkshire Qualifying Times 2014

ASA NER Age Group Championships S.C Qualifying Times 2014

The British Swimming board have yet to confirm any changes that will affect the programme for next season. When we know I will communicate it with you immediately.


Have a great summer.


The Regional Team

AGM Confirmed For Monday 6th October

Hi All,
Anyone wishing to be nominated for election and voted on to the committee needs to contact our Club Secretary, Pippa ( for an election form, which must be submitted no later than Monday 29th September.

Land Training

Hi All,
Apologies for the cancelation of land training on Monday.  Stephen was sent home from work ill.  Land Training will continue next week with Regional 2.  The first Land Training of the season will start with Regional 1 on Monday 1st September.
The Regional Team

Friday, 18 July 2014

White Rose Junior League Team Selection‏


Here is the Squad List for the White Rose Junior League which is going to be held at John Charles on Saturday 13th September.  Can the following swimmers please confirm your availability to Craig ( no later than Friday 25th July.

Date:  Saturday 13th September
Venue: JCCS
Arrive: 09:00
Warm Up: 09:30

Regional 1
Ella P
Matthew W
Isabel G

Regional 2
Jospeh T
Isabel B
Ella C


The Regional Team

200m Max Kick Test July 2014

Hi All,

Here are the results from the last kick test of the season.  PB's are highlighted in bold.  The next kick test will be held on the first week in October.  

You can view this seasons full results by clicking the link below.

Results July 2014
Regional 1
Angelo 03:18.19
Maxim 03:36.66
Chloe 03:37.08
Joanna 03:38.72
Tiegan 03:39.44
Jack 03:40.95
Hannah  B 03:43.33
Louis 03:44.60
Ella 03:45.09
Mia 03:45.09
Imani 03:52.65
Hannah C  03:53.40
Elizabeth 03:56.18
Matthew Y 03:56.44
Emilio 03:59.58
Eve 03:59.79
Faith  04:00.46
Isabelle  04:00.48
George 04:08.62
William 04:13.70
David 04:14.16
Charlie 04:14.75
Nathan 04:16.16
Zak 04:40.81
Daniel 05:45.84
Freddie Absent
Matthew W Absent
Oliver  Absent
Jake Injured
Tom No Time
Joe Sick
Regional 2
Aimee 03:17.87
Akshima 03:18.65
Niamh M 03:23.97
Jonathan  03:24.33
Ella 03:28.05
Jessica 03:28.69
Niamh 03:30.15
Joseph H 03:34.30
Benjamin B 03:36.15
Ben S 03:39.07
Alicia 03:46.30
Niamh 03:46.44
Isabel 03:46.51
Lucy 03:46.51
Olivia 03:46.81
Robert  03:53.09
Jenna 03:54.31
Stephanie 03:54.48
Jenna 03:56.02
Henry 03:58.48
Alyssa 04:05.84
Sadie  04:06.63
Abby 04:08.59
Evie 04:45.16
Akal Absent
Anouska Absent
Edwin Absent
Eve Absent
Jacob Absent
Jake  Absent
Joseph T Absent
Lucas Absent
Maia Absent
Millie Ag Absent
Millie Ai Absent
Phoebe Absent

Well Done!!

The Regional Team

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Training Camps

Training Camp 5th – 12th April 2015- Calleja

Objective of the training camp
To give swimmers who have achieved the selection criteria the opportunity for extra preparation, to aid their performance for Regional Championships and qualification for English Championships. An allocation of up to 60 swimmers has been made.
Athlete Selection
1. Athletes who are a Regional Qualifier who are a member of the National Squad will be considered for selection.
2. Athletes who are a member of the National Age Group Squad who are a National or Regional Qualifier will be considered for selection.
3. Athletes who are a member of the Senior Junior Squad who are a Regional Qualifier will be considered for selection.
4. Athletes who are a member of the Regional Squads and are a Regional Qualifier will be considered for selection.
5. Only Athletes who are aged between 12-18 (age at 31st December 2015) will be considered for selection. This is in line with the new British Competition restructure at regional level.
6. In the event we are oversubscribed with the above criteria, medallists, finalists and number of events qualified for at Regional Championships will be considered.
1. Athletes must maintain a high percentage of training attendance to be considered for selection.
2. Athletes must abide by the Leeds City Council and City of Leeds Swimming Club code of conduct at all times.
3. The Head Coach reserves the right to exclude any athlete who is ill or injured prior to the camp.
4. The Head Coach will appoint coaching staff to attend the training camp.
5. The Lead Team manager managers to attend the training camp.
6. Full team kit must be worn at all times will appoint team.
A large emphasis will be put on attendance when we consider swimmers for selection. I advise if your child  misses a  session that your son / daughter makes them up religiously so that you put your children in a strong position for selection on to the camp.
The Regional Team

Junior League - 13th September

Hi All,


Please make sure that you look out for your child selection for the Junior league team which will be on the notice from Thursday 17th July.  The selection policy will be on the website.  Please confirm your availability to attend to Craig ( as soon as possible.




The Regional Team

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Strike Effect - Thursday 10th July

Hi All,


We now have full details on which centres will be closing or on reduced offer on Thursday 10th July due to the Industrial Strike. We were hoping this wouldn't affect the squads too much however we have had to cancel a few squads due to a lack of lifeguards available.


Regional 1 – train as normal AM & PM

Regional 2 – normal AM & Cancelled PM

All training will be as normal Friday 11th July


We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



The Regional Team

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

City of Leeds Summer B Grade Meet

Well done to everyone who competed over the weekend, most of you annihilated your PB's.  We are very proud of you all.

Regional 1 achieved a whopping 148 PB's out of 191 Swims, 18 Gold's, 31 Silver's and 25 Bronze Medals.  Great Job!

StarGold Medallists (10)Star
Faith (4), 
Matthew W (3), Nathan (2), Jack (2), Isabelle (2), Hannah B (1), Elizabeth (1), Tiegan (1), Chloe (1), Angelo (1), 

StarSilver Medallists (13)Star
Isabelle (5), Matthew W (4), Matthew Y (3), Emilio (3), Jack (3), Angelo (2), David (2), Nathan (2), Maxim (2), Faith (2), Jake (1), Elizabeth (1), Tom (1) 
StarBronze Medallists (15)Star
Emilio (3), Elizabeth (3), Zak (3), Matthew Y (2), Imani (2), Jack (2), Tiegan (2), Matthew W (1), William (1), Joe (1), Faith (1), Chloe  (1), Angelo (1), David (1), Joanna (1)

Regional 2 achieved a fantastic 139 PB's out of 191 Swims, 25 Gold's, 25 Silver's and 25 Bronze Medals.  Brilliant!

StarGold Medallists (11)Star
Jess (6), Jonny (4), Jacob (3), Maia (3), Joseph T (2), Robbie (2), Aimee (1), Henry (1), Ben B (1), Akshima (1), Niamh M (1)

StarSilver Medallists (16)Star
Aimee (2), Jacob (2), Joseph T (2), Henry (2), Niamh C (2), Steph (2), Jenna M (2), Eve (2), Niamh M (2), Jake (1), Jenna S (1), Jess (1), Ben B (1), Robbie (1), Anouska (1), Akshima (1)
StarBronze Medallists (14)Star
Jenna S (5), Maia (3), Ben S (2), Niamh C (2), Jake (2), Jenna M (2), Niamh M (2), Ella (1), Eve (1), Ben B (1), Aimee (1), Joseph T (1), Henry (1), Steph (1)

Keep up the hard work and keep focused on achieving those Yorkshire and North Eastern times.  Not long to go now until our Olympics (Welsh Nationals).  Try to attend every session between now and then to give you the best possible chance of success.  Lets smash it!!!!!! 

Try to always practice Olympic starts, turns and finishes in training and then transfer this into your race.

Lack of concentration on skills in training only means you will be getting great at performing poor starts, turns and finishes.

Speed + no skill = only good until the skilful swimmers catch up
Skill + no speed = looks pretty but can't quite manage to achieve the qualifying time
Speed + Great Skills = recipe for success

The Regional Team

New Regional Training Times

Hi All,

I am pleased to confirm we have secured some new pool time which will affect the sessions of both Regional Squads from September. The new training week will be as follows:


Regional Age Group Squad 1                      


Sunday                4.00-6.00 pm      L.C                          JCC                                        

Monday               5.00-6.30 am      Pit                           JCC                        

Monday               6.30-8.00 pm      25 x 25                   JCC                        

Wednesday      6.45-7.45 pm   Mid Pool            JCC *new venue & time                              

Thursday             5.00-6.30 am      L.C                          JCC                        

Thursday             6.30-8.00 pm      25 x 25                  JCC                        

Friday                  7.00-8.30 pm      LC                          JCC                        


Regional Age Group Squad 2                        


Sunday                4.00-6.00 pm      L.C                          JCC                        

Monday               5.00-6.30 am      Pit                           JCC                        

Monday               6.30-8.00 pm      25 x 25                   JCC                        

Wednesday         6.30-7.30 pm      25 x 25                   JCC                        

Thursday             5.00-6.30 am      L.C                          JCC                        

Thursday             6.30-8.00 pm      S.C                         Armley LC           

Friday            7.00-8.30 pm   L.C                 JCC *new venue & time                              


Please note the new sessions will start week commencing Monday 1st September.

Morning Sessions will start week commencing Monday 15th September.

The Regional Team