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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Upcoming Competition Entries

Hi All,

Welcome back to training, hope you all had a nice restful break.  

Entries will be taken for the Yorkshire Championships and the City of Sheffield Snow Frills Meet on Monday 5th September.

Yorkshire Championships
Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd October 2016
John Charles Aquatics Centre
*Age as at 16th October 2016

Short Course (25m)

The Yorkshire Championships is one of the bigger competitions in the Regional calendar where swimmers will race against the best in Yorkshire.  As this meet is a qualifying meet swimmers will only be able to enter races they have achieved a qualifying time in.  Swimmers should enter ALL events they have qualified for.

Yorkshire Championships Entry Form
Yorkshire Championships Event Schedule & Qualifying Times

City of Sheffield Snow Frills Meet 2016

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November 2016

Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield

*Age as at 29th November 2016

Long Course (50m)

50's, 100's & 200m all four strokes + 200 IM

Regional Development swimmers this is a good meet to post times in events you have never swum before.  Please do not enter more than 2 events per session.

City of Sheffield Snow Frills Meet Entry Form

City of Sheffield Snow Frills Event Schedule & Qualification Times

Those swimmers who do not have any 100m times or a 200m IM time can use the link below to work out an entry time.

Competition Entry Standard Times

Swimmers who only have short course times can convert their short course PB's to long course using the link below.

Swimming Course Converter

The Regional Team

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Regional Development Training

Please see below the sessions for Regional Development for the first two weeks back after the summer break:


Monday 22nd August – NO AM

Monday 22nd August – 6.30-8.00pm

Wednesday 24th August – 6.30-7.30pm

Thursday 25th August – NO AM

Thursday 25th August – 6.30-8.00pm @ Armley

Friday 26th – Monday 29th August – NO TRAINING

Wednesday 31st August – 6.30-7.30pm

Thursday 1st September – NO AM

Thursday 1st September – 6.30-8.00pm @ Armley

Friday 2nd September – 7.00-8.00pm (no gym)

Saturday 3rd September – NO Training


Enjoy the summer!

Kevin has agreed that morning training for Regional Development will be effective from Thursday 8th September. Your weekly training programme will look as follows from this date.


Monday              5.00-6.30 am      Pit swimmers aged 10&Under*

Monday              6.30-8.00 pm      25x25

Wednesday        6.45-7.45 pm      Middle Pool

Thursday            5.00-7:00 am      Long Course existing swimmers and new swimmers aged 11&Over*

Thursday            6.30-8.00 pm      Armley LC

Friday                 7.00-8.00 pm      Long Course

Friday                 8.00-8.30 pm      Land Gym

Saturday            7.30-9.00 am       Pit

*Age as of 31st December


As a reminder the following table shows the required sessions




Weekday PM

Weekday AM

Weekend AM

08 Years





09-10 Years





11-12 Years





13+ Years






Kevin is on holiday and will return on Monday 5th September.  If you have any queries please get in touch with Sarah Crossley.


Many thanks
The Regional Team

Welsh Summer Nationals 2016

Well done to all the swimmers who competed at the Welsh Summer Nationals held in Swansea.  The trip was a brilliant success with lots of fast swimming and a great experience for those swimmers whose first time it was away from home.

The team achieved 67 Medals (15 Gold, 26 Silver, 26 Bronze) and 126 Final Swims (98 swims were swum faster in the final that is a 78% conversion rate).

Overall there were 417 Life Time Best Performances out of 560 Swims.  That is 75% PB's from the City of Leeds!

Gold Medallists
Ella Bardgett (3), Jenna Stott (3), Matthew Lyons (2), Matthew Yeomans (2), Dalton Clapham (1), Magdalena Cygan (1), Isabel Goodwin (1), Safwan Shaikh (1), Stephanie Wellings (1)

14 Silver Medallists
Akal Rehal (4), Ella Bargett (3), Ella Cooper (2), Matthew Kenneth (2), Jack Maskill (2), Ella Potts (2), Katherine Russell (2), Ethan Sutcliffe (2), Henry Williams (2), Magdalena Cygan (1), Eleanor Howcroft (1), Jenna Stott (1), Zara Paniagua-Gutierrez (1), Stephanie Wellings (1)

17 Bronze Medallists
Dalton Clapham (3), Joshua Mathias (3), Ella Potts (3), Isabel Goodwin (2), Zara Panaigua-Gutierrez (2), Akal Rehal (2), Ella Bardgett (1), Ella Cooper (1), Eleanor Howcroft (1), Matthew Kenneth (1), Matthew Lyons (1), Emilio Paniagua-Gutierrez (1), Katherine Russell (1), Safwan Shaikh (1), Jenna Stott (1), Henry Williams (1), Matthew Yeomans (1)

29 Finalists & 4th - 8th Places

17 - 4th Place Finishes (13)
Joshua Mathias (3), Emilio Paniagua Gutierrez (2), Jack Maskill (2), Ella Bardgett (1), Dalton Clapham (1), Magdalena Cygan (1), Isabel Goodwin (1), Akal Rehal (1), Ethan Sutcliffe (1), Amalie Turner (1), Joseph Turner (1), Stephanie Wellings (1), Henry Williams (1)

23 - 5th Place Finishes (15)
Isabel Goodwin (3), Stephanie Wellings (3), Ella Cooper (2), Joshua Mathias (2), Akal Rehal (2), Matthew Yeomans (2), Akshima Ghosh (1), Eleanor Howcroft (1), Jack Maskill (1), Niamh Morris (1), Emilio Paniagua-Gutierrez (1), Ella Potts (1), Katherine Russell (1), Ethan Sutcliffe (1), Amalie Turner (1), 

17 - 6th Place Finishes (13)
Isabel Goodwin (2), Jenna Murdoch (2), Emilio Paniagua-Gutierrez (2), Zara Paniagua-Gutierrez (2), Ella Bardgett (1), Matthew Lyons (1), Jack Maskill (1), Lucy Pollard (1), Ella Potts (1), Katherine Russell (1), Safwan Shaikh (1), Ethan Sutcliffe (1), Amalie Turner (1)

15 - 7th Place Finishes (11)
Ella Cooper (2), Isabel Goodwin (2), Joshua Mathias (2), Henry Williams (2), Ella Bardgett (1), Charlie Broome (1), Dalton Clapham (1), Phoebe Dawson (1), Akal Rehal (1), Jenna Stott (1), Ethan Sutcliffe (1)

20 - 8th Place Finishes (14)
Dalton Clapham (3), Safwan Shaikh (3), Zara Paniagua-Gutierrez (2), Akal Rehal (2), Mille Agar (1), Isabel Goodwin (1), Eleanor Howcroft (1), Matthew Lyons (1), Joshua Mathias (1), Lucy Pollard (1), Katherine Russell (1), Amalie Turner (1), Joseph Turner (1), Stephanie Wellings (1)

Well Done Everyone!!!

Check out the Wales 2016 Photos (Now all online)
Pictures and results from the week can be viewed by clicking the links below;

For some of you this was your last competition in Regional Squad and for The City of Leeds.  We hope to follow your progress as you move on through the scheme.  I hope you are all looking forward to joining your new squads and I hope you will work as hard for your new coaches as you have done for us.  

Awsum Swimming!!! A great way to finish off the season. 

A big thank you to the Welsh Summer Nationals Team 2016 who did an amazing job over the past week and made this trip possible.
Team Managers (Jo Yeomans, Kim Mathias, Carla Paniagua-Gutierrez and David Brome) 
Coaches (Philip Mansfield and Harrison Day)

Have a fantastic summer and stay safe

WE ARE...........LEEDS!!!


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Welsh Summer Open Meet 2016 - Day 7

Today was the last day of racing at the Welsh Summer Nationals and after a long tiring week we finished strong achieving 100% PB's in the 1500m Freestyle and bagging 4 Golds, 3 Silvers & 2 Bronze Medals.   

14 Final Swims (10 finals where swimmers converted from heat to final).  

34 PB's out of 66 Swims.

StarGold Medallists (4)Star
Dalton Clapham (13 Yrs - 1500m Freestyle), Matthew Lyons (13 Yrs 200m Breaststroke), Matthew Yeomans (14 Yrs 200m Breaststroke), Magdalena Cygan (17+ Yrs 50m Freestyle)

Silver Medallists (3)
Ethan Sutcliffe (13 Yrs 1500m Freestyle), Ella Potts (13 Yrs 200m Butterfly), Matthew Kenneth (15 Yrs 200m Breaststroke)

Bronze Medallists (2)
Henry Williams (14 Yrs 1500m Freestyle), Joshua Mathias (15 Yrs 1500m Freestyle)

Finalists 4th - 8th Place (9)
Ella Bardgett (4th - 12 Yrs 50m Freestyle), Emilio Paniagua-Gutierrez (4th - 12 Yrs 200m Breaststroke), Dalton Clapham (4th - 13 Yrs 200m Breaststroke), Joshua Mathias (4th - 15 Yrs 200m Breaststroke), Ella Cooper (5th - 12 Yrs 200m Butterfly), Akal Rehal (5th - 13 Yrs 50m Backstroke), Katherine Russell (5th - 14 Yrs 50m Freestyle), Amelie Turner (6th - 12 Yrs 200m Butterfly), Isabel Goodwin (7th - 12 Yrs 50m Freestyle & 7th 12 Yrs 200m Butterfly), 

Well Done!! Emoji

There are some more pictures to come we will try and get them all online by the end of tonight.

Pictures and results from the week can be viewed by clicking the links below;

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Welsh Summer Open Meet 2016 - Day 6

On the penultimate day at the Welsh Summer Nationals our team were still performing strongly in the pool winning their first full podium representation in the Girls 13 Yrs 50m Breaststroke (1st - Stephanie Wellings, 2nd - Jenna Stott, 3rd - Ella Potts).  

The team achieved.......

Golds, 6 Silvers & 5 Bronze Medals.   

25 Final Swims (19 finals where swimmers converted from heat to final).  

72 PB's out of 98 Swims.

StarGold Medallists (4)Star
Isabel Goodwin (12 Yrs 800m Freestyle), Ella Bardgett (12 Yrs 200m IM), Stephanie Wellings (13 Yrs 50m Breaststroke), Safwan Shaikh (13 Yrs 50m Butterfly)

Silver Medallists (6)
Ella Cooper (12 Yrs 200m IM), Stephanie Wellings (13 Yrs 800m Freestyle), Jenna Stott (13 Yrs 50m Breaststroke), Akal Rehal (13 Yrs 50m Butterfly), Ella Potts (13 Yrs 200m IM), Eleanor (14 Yrs 200m IM)

Bronze Medallists (5)
Emilio (12 Yrs 50m Butterfly), Ella Potts (13 Yrs 50m Breaststroke), Jenna Stott (13 Yrs 200m IM), Katherine Russell (14 Yrs 800m Freestyle), Zara Paniagua-Gutierrez (15 Yrs 200m IM)

HDW 4th - 8th Places (1)
Lucy Pollard (6th - 13 Yrs 800m Freestyle), 

Finalists 4th - 8th Place (12)
Jack Maskill (4th - 14 Yrs 50m Butterfly), Akal Rehal (4th - 13 Yrs 100m Backstroke), Isabel Goodwin (5th - 12 Yrs 50m Breaststroke & 5th - 200m IM), Joshua Mathias (5th - 14 Yrs 50m Butterfly), Matthew Lyons (6th - 13 Yrs 50m Butterfly), Charlie Broome (7th - 12 Yrs 50m Butterfly), Ethan Sutcliffe (7th - 13 Yrs 50m Butterfly), Henry Williams (7th - 14 Yrs 50m Butterfly), Dalton Clapham (8th - 13 Yrs 50m Butterfly), Safwan Shaikh (8th - 13 Yrs 100m Backstroke), Eleanor Howcroft (8th - 14 Yrs 50m Breaststroke), Joshua Mathias (8th - 100m Backstroke)

Well Done!! Emoji

Only 1 Day to go, keep it up!

Pictures and results from the week can be viewed by clicking the links below;