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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Club Shop

Hi All,

Please note the last Club Shop will be Monday 27th July and will reopen Monday 7th September.

Please ensure any items required for Summer Nationals are purchased in advance.

Welsh Summer Open Meet

Hi All,

Just a polite reminder that all medical forms and code of conducts must be filled in, signed and returned to one of the Wales Team Managers (David Broome, Jo Yeomans or Kim Matheus) by Friday 3rd July.  

All lunch orders must be returned to Emma Ferriman by Friday 3rd July.

If you are unsure who these people are please give your forms to Kevin or Jonny who will pass them on to the correct member of staff for you.


Sunday, 28 June 2015

ASANER Age Group Championships (25m) 2015

Hi All,

The information and qualifying times for the short course NER's is now out and can be seen by clicking the link below.

21st & 22nd November 2015
Sunderland Aquatics Centre
Entry Closing Date:  30th October 2015
Age as on 31st December 2015

Remember the NER's is one of the harder competitions in the Regional Calendar and you should enter all the events you qualify for as you will be racing the best swimmers in the North East of England.

Good Luck chasing those times!

The Regional Team

City of Leeds Summer B Grade 2015

Well done to everyone who competed over the weekend, most of you annihilated your PB's.  We are very proud of you all.

Regional 1 achieved a whopping 177 PB's out of 210 Swims, 29 Gold's, 23 Silver's, 21 Bronze Medals and 30 additional Yorkshire qualifying times.  Great Job!

StarGold Medalists (8)Star
Ella B (7), Louis (6), Alexandra (6), Izzy (4), Emilio (3), Martha (1), George (1), Thomas Sp (1)

StarSilver Medalists (12)Star
Izzy (4), Martha (2), Faith (2), Emilio (2), Lillia (2), Louis (2), Charlotte B (2), Thomas Sp (2), Maxim (2), George (1), Alexandra (1), Ella B (1)

StarBronze Medalists (15)Star
Faith (3), Alfred (2), Louis (2), Charlotte B (2), Thomas Sp (2), Martha (1), Charlie (1), Izzy (1), Evie (1), Emilio (1), Ella B (1), Eve J (1), Chloe (1), Elizabeth (1), William (1)

Regional 2 achieved a fantastic 135 PB's out of 179 Swims, 15 Gold's, 19 Silver's, 14 Bronze Medals and 19 additional Yorkshire qualifying times..  Brilliant!

StarGold Medalists (8)Star
Ben B (3), Akal (3), Millie Ag (3), Ella C (2), Libby (1), Anouska (1), Harry (1), Jenna (1)

StarSilver Medalists (11)Star
Caitlin (3), Anouska (3), Jacob B (2), Charlotte T (2), Jenna (2), Ella C (2), Libby (1), Akal (1), Millie Ag (1), Sam (1), Jack Mi (1)

StarBronze Medalists (11)Star
Ben B (2), Eve B (2), Jack Se (2), Jasmine (1), Libby (1), Charlotte T (1), Akal (1), Caitlin (1), Harry (1), Ella C (1), Jack Mi (1)

You may need to use the converter (by clicking here) to convert the times you achieved this weekend in the long course pool (50m) to the short course pool format (25m).  This will enable you to see if you have made a  Winter Yorkshire qualifying time.  The Yorkshire Winter Meet takes place in a short course pool and this why you need to use the converter.  

Your challenge is to attempt to make the qualifying standard for as many different events as you can before entries close in September. Good Luck.   

Not long to go now until our Olympics (Welsh Nationals & Sheffield Summer B Grade).  This is the last stretch now until the end of the season, try to attend every session between now and then to give you the best possible chance of success.  Lets smash it!!!!!! Wink

Always practice Olympic starts, turns and finishes in training and then transfer this into your race.

Lack of concentration on skills in training only means you will be getting great at performing poor starts, turns and finishes.

Speed + no skill = only good until the skilful swimmers catch up
Skill + no speed = looks pretty but can't quite manage to achieve the qualifying time
Speed + Great Skills = recipe for success

Enjoy a well deserved morning off after a great meet.  

The Regional Team Emoji

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

City of Leeds Summer B Grade Meet 2015

Hi All,
Below are the arrival and warm up times for this weekends competition.
Am Sessions
Arrive: 07:30
Warm Up: 08:00
Start: 09:00

Pm Sessions
Arrive: 12:30
Warm Up: 13:00
Start: 14:00

Draft Programme can be viewed by clicking the link below:

For some of you this will be your last competition of the year, get stuck in and finish the season off in style.  Those swimmers who are trying the 400m races for the first time, don't worry you will be fine, just enjoy it.  Good Luck to everyone who is competing. Keep chasing those Yorkshire times!  

Please remember the training alterations this weekend due to the competition,

Friday 26th June - 19:00 - 20:00 (1 Hour Only)

Sunday 28th June - No Training (Group Competing at Leeds)

Monday 29th July - AM = ALL OFF! (older swimmers who usually train with Josh Monday am should attend Thursday 2nd July)


'Enjoy the journey, enjoy every moment and quit worrying bout winning and losing.'  (Matt Biondi - American Swimmer, eight-time Olympic Gold Medallist, Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992)

The Regional Team 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Welsh Summer Nationals 2015

Hi All,



Just a reminder that if you have entered the Wales meet a £100 deposit will be due on Monday 22nd June, with a final payment of £200 by Monday 6th July.  Deposits will be taken by the Team Managers for the trip (David Broome, Jo Yemoans and Kim Matheus) at the end of the balcony. 


Once you have paid your deposit a code of conduct and medical form will be issued for you and your swimmer to sign and return to the team managing staff by Friday 3rd July


You will also be given a packed lunch form. Please select 2 sandwich choices per day and state if you would like white or brown bread.  Each packed lunch consists of

Two (2) Sandwiches (choice of fillings)

One(1) 500ml Flavoured Still Water

One(1) Piece of Fruit (Banana, Orange or Apple)

One(1) Flapjack or Chocolate Cereal Bar


The choices of sandwich fillings will be:

Just Mixed Salad

Three Cheese & Red Onion

Cheddar Cheese, Red Leiceter with a Savoury Deluxe Coleslaw

Mixed Cheese & Spring Onion

Mixed Cheese, Ham & Pineapple

Low fat Cream Cheese & Pineapple

Sweet Chilli Thai Chicken

Ploughman's Lunch (Cheddar Cheese, Mixed Salad & Pickle)

Plain Ham

Ham & Egg Mayonnaise

Ham & Coleslaw

Ham & Cheddar Cheese

Ham Salad

Egg Mayonnaise

Bacon & Sliced Egg

Classic BLT (Bacon Lettuce & Tomato)

Hot Chilli Sausage

Tuna Mayonnaise

Tuna, Sweetcorn & Onion Mayonnaise

Chicken & Sweetcorn Mayonnaise

Chicken with Homemade Sage & Onion Stuffing

Turkey, Homemade Sage & Onion Stuffing


Please hand packed lunch forms to Emma Ferriman (Ellie & Eve Jones Mum) by Friday 3rd July.


We are hoping to arrange a meeting for you all and this will be communicated very shortly.




The Regional Team



Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Training Changes

Hi All,

On Friday 19th June Regional Age Group will be training at the earlier time of 18:30 - 20:00.

The Regional Team

Wales Entries Reminder

Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen,


Just a friendly reminder that the Wales Summer Open meet opens for entries at 8:00am on Wednesday 17th June.


Wales Online Entry


Please remember that this year is first come first served.



Tuesday, 16 June 2015

An Outstanding NER'S

After two long tiring weekends of competing it was all worth while.  Some outstanding swims over the weekend, you all stepped up and got stuck into your races challenging some of the best swimmers in the North East.   

Regional 1 achieved a total of 12 PB's out of 14 swims. Well Done!

Finalists & Reserve Finalists (2)

Ella B (10th), Maxim (11th & 11th)

Regional 2 achieved a total of 10 PB's out of 14 swims and came away with 1 Silver Medal.

Silver Medalists (1)

Akal (1)


Finalists & Reserve Finalists (1)

Akal (2nd, 5th, 8th & 9th)


The Club stormed to the top of the Medals Table achieving 27 Golds22 Silvers and 26 Bronze Medals.  Fingers crossed these results will carry through to the last meet of the year.  Well Done Everyone! Emoji

In the run up to Welsh Nationals and the Sheffield Summer B Grade please try and attend as many sessions as possible to ensure your body is in the best shape possible for the event.

"Success comes with the determination to get up the morning after the hardest practice of your life and do it all over again!"


"There is nothing like the smell of chlorine in the morning, and nothing like the smell of victory in the evening."


The Regional Team

Friday, 12 June 2015

North Eastern Counties - 2nd Weekend

Here is the second weekend of the big one.  SMASH IT UP!!!
Below are the Warm Up and Start times for Ponds Forge this weekend.
Sat & Sun Am Sessions
Arrive: 07:30
Warm Up: 08:00
Start: 09:00
Finals Saturday
Warm Up: 14:30
Start: 15:30
Finals Sunday
Warm Up: 14:00
Start: 15:00
The draft programme can be viewed by clicking the link below;

Training will be only 1 hour on Friday night for those competing this weekend

Week 2 - George, Jenna, Jacob G, Isabelle, Ella B, Lucy, Maxim, Zak & Akal

Swimmers are to report to:

Josh on Saturday 13th
Josh on Sunday 14th

Good Luck Everyone! Emoji
The Regional Team

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Squad Presentations

Hi All,


There will be parent presentations on the following dates to discuss changes to the squad structures. Please make every effort to attend the presentation for your swimmers squad:


Regional Squads - Wednesday 1st July 2015 at 6.45pm – Grandstand Suite, Main Stadium Building, JCCS


The Regional Team

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Winter Short Course Qualifying Times 2015

Hi All,

Here is a link to the new Winter Yorkshire Times for 2015.

We will have a printout for each of you tonight so you all have your own copy.

Get chasing those times! Emoji

The Regional Team

Welsh Summer Open Meet 2015

Dear Parents,


Thank you for your patience.


At this time we are no longer have an over-subscribed team due to changes Swim Wales were forced to make in relation to the younger age groups attending the Swim Wales Open Meet. Therefore all of those who showed interest currently have a spot on the Wales trip. Just to remind you that the cost of this year's trip to the Welsh Summer Open Meet is £300 (not including your entries). A £100 deposit will be due on Monday 22nd June, with a final payment of £200 by Monday 6th July.


We are hoping to arrange a meeting for you all shortly and I will communicate the time and place of this very shortly. In the meantime the information below should cover some of the most pressing questions you may have.


If your child has qualified in a low number of events (e.g. 5 or less) then please take time to consider the cost of such a trip against the swimming experience which can be gained from it. There is no doubt that the trip is an excellent experience outside of the pool but ultimately our goal is to develop as much from our swimming experiences as possible.


The Swim Wales Open Meet is a 7 day event and as such swimmers should endeavour to enter as many events as possible. If you have 11 or less events then I would recommend entering all of them. If a swimmer has qualified in 12 or more events and you have concerns with regard to the demand/cost of this then please get in touch with your specific squad coach who can best advise you on the events to enter.


If a swimmer qualifies in just 1 or more events for the English National Championships, this will become their priority and the Swim Wales Open Meet will no longer be a consideration for their end of season meet.



(Although I would recommend having a go at 12:00 midnight!!! As I have a sneaky suspicion that is when it may come online.) Entry for this competition is a 'first come-first served' online entry. Therefore if you are not online at the specified time there is a very high possibility you could miss entry altogether. Such is our presence, last year City of Leeds crashed the system by being on first, stealing most of the places, which greatly upset the Welsh contingent! Apparently the Welsh do not forget and are planning to fight fire with fire this year.


We are planning a meeting regarding the trip, and I will communicate this when I have further details.


The following is information sent to me by the Meet Organiser…


Here is the webpage to the Swim Wales Summer Open Meet: (This will not be open until the date below).


On Wed 17th June at 8:00am a link will appear that will allow open entry swimmers to enter. You will need to click this link to make an entry. The system will be very busy at this time and it is important you follow all the instructions attached.


Should the system or PayPal crash at any point (which is highly likely) you will need to start again to make an entry as previous attempts will be invalid.


Please ensure you tick and click all the stages through to PayPal, make payment and wait for confirmation that payment has been successful. At this point you will receive a PayPal receipt and shortly after an entry confirmation email. You can breathe easy once you have both of these emails as your entry has been successful and is guaranteed.

HAPPY ENTERING. As always, if you have any questions I will do my best to help.


Kind regards,


North Eastern Counties

Here is the first weekend of the big one.  Lets SMASH IT!!  

Remember use the walls to pick up speed not lose speed, every millisecond counts.  Pick up the effort every 50m and hold your technique when feeling tired. 

Just a reminder of the arrival times at Ponds Forge this weekend.
Am Sessions
Arrive: 07:30
Warm Up: 08:00
Start: 09:00
Saturday Warm Up: 14:30
Saturday Start: 15:30
Sunday Warm Up: 14:00
Sunday Start:  15:00
The draft programme can be viewed by clicking the link below;

Training will be only 1 hour on Friday night for those competing this weekend and next weekend.

Week 1 - Jenna, Isabelle, Jacob B, Jacob G, Maxim, Akal, Anouska, Joanna & Charlotte T

Week 2 - George, Jenna, Jacob G, Isabelle, Ella B, Lucy, Maxim, Zak & Akal

Swimmers are to report to:
Kevin on Saturday 6th
Craig on Sunday 7th
Josh on Saturday 13th
Josh on Sunday 14th


Make sure you all prepare well and stay hydrated over the weekend, it will be very hot on poolside.  Remember your snacks for poolside off the nutrition list.  

"Before the (Olympic) trials I was doing a lot of relaxing exercises and visualisation.  And I think that that helped me to get a feel of what It was gonna be like when I got there.  I knew that I had done everything that I could to get ready for that meet, both physically and mentally".  (Michael phelps, 6 Gold Medals, 2004 Olympic Games)

Like Michael Phelps, you should plan in your head what you are going to do in your race.  Visualise your streamlining, kicks off the wall, not breathing last 5m etc and it will happen.  Thinking about it after the race is too late.

Training will be as normal for anyone not competing.

Best of luck to you all Winking smile

The Regional Team


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test Results

Hi All,

Here are the results from this months kick test.  PB's are highlighted in green.  The next kick test will be held on Monday 6th July.  

All times from the start of the season can be viewed using the link below.

Well Done!!
The Regional Team

Regional 1 200m FS Kick
Ella B 03:12.46
Maxim 03:12.86
Mia 03:24.64
George 03:25.82
Elizabeth 03:31.86
Isabelle  03:32.53
Louis 03:34.36
Joanna 03:34.53
Jacob G 03:38.47
Charlie 03:40.93
Emilio 03:42.03
Freddie 03:46.25
Eve 03:50.22
Thomas Sp 03:52.53
Finlay 03:52.53
Leah 03:55.81
Faith  03:57.93
William 04:01.03
Thomas K 04:06.51
Alexandra 04:07.65
Lillia  04:07.65
Evie 04:09.78
Charlotte K  04:37.16
Hugo 04:38.61
Aimee 04:40.50
Harrison  04:49.38
Alex 04:49.88
Luke 06:43.85
Matthew W Absent
Charlotte B Absent
Millie Mc Absent
Zak Absent
Lucy S Absent
Martha  Absent
Chloe Absent
Regional 1 15m U/W
Louis 8.4
Ella B 8.59
Isabelle  9.03
Maxim 9.03
Freddie 9.27
George 9.32
Evie 9.37
Faith  9.4
William 9.52
Mia 9.69
Alexandra  9.77
Joanna 9.84
Charlie 9.93
Jacob G 10.12
Emilio 10.21
Thomas Sp 10.44
Leah 10.56
Elizabeth 10.66
Lillia  11.08
Finlay 11.22
Eve 11.25
Thomas K 11.74
Harrison 12.86
Aimee 13
Charlotte K 13.27
Alex 13.34
Luke 14.05
Hugo 14.06
Millie Mc Absent
Charlotte B Absent
Zak Absent
Matthew W Absent
Lucy  Absent
Martha  Absent
Chloe Absent
Regional 2 200m FS Kick
Benjamin B 03:09.40
Joseph H 03:10.08
Ella 03:10.55
Caitlin 03:26.12
Ben S 03:29.47
Akal 03:30.04
Anouska 03:32.97
Lucy P 03:33.22
Libby 03:38.56
Jenna 03:39.22
Millie Ag 03:41.19
Niamh 03:41.37
Jasmine 03:42.93
Charlotte T 03:43.46
Eldrick 03:45.81
Isabel B 03:46.07
Alyssa 03:47.92
Amelie 03:49.38
Jack Se 03:53.21
Abby 03:55.89
Lara 03:57.25
Harry 03:57.96
Jack Mi 03:58.21
Sam 03:59.11
Emily 04:03.11
Amelia  04:16.41
Elle 04:18.18
Josie 04:19.71
Kendra 04:23.68
Joshua 04:24.21
Jack Sc 04:24.46
Edie 04:26.06
Eve B Absent
Millie Ai Absent
Jacob B Absent
Isong Absent
Regional 2 15m U/W
Akal 8.41
Benjamin B 8.62
Ella 8.78
Jenna 8.98
Libby 9
Alyssa 9.03
Joseph H 9.19
Isabel B 9.26
Caitlin 9.28
Ben S 9.28
Jasmine 9.39
Anouska 9.47
Eldrick 9.56
Harry 9.58
Jack Mi 9.67
Millie Ag 9.75
Charlotte T 9.75
Lucy P 9.79
Jack Se 10.38
Abby 10.39
Niamh 10.5
Emily 10.51
Amelia 10.6
Elle 10.7
Lara 11.14
Sam 11.42
Josie 11.44
Amelie 11.87
Kendra 12.19
Edie 12.56
Joshua  12.62
Millie Ai Absent
Jacob B Absent
Isong Absent
Eve B Absent
Jack Sc DNF