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Thursday, 21 May 2015

White Rose Junior League A & B Team Selection 2015

Hi all,

Below is the Regional Squad List for the White Rose Junior League which is going to be held at John Charles on Saturday 11th July.  Can the following swimmers please confirm your availability to Craig ( no later than Friday 1st June.
Date:  Saturday 11th July
Venue: JCCS
Arrive: 08:30
Warm Up: 09:00
Finish: Approx 12:00


Selected swimmers will not be told what they are swimming until the day.  A link to the selection policy is also at the bottom of this post.

Boys 12 Years (A)
George S (RAG1)
Zak M (RAG1)
Eldric G (RAG2)
Akal R (RAG2)
Boys 11 Years (A)
Louis A (RAG1)
Emilio PG (RAG1)
Matthew W (RAG1)
Harry M (RAG2)
Ben S (RAG2)
Girls 11 Years (A)
Ella B (RAG1)
Isabelle G (RAG1)
Eve J (RAG1)
Millie Ag (RAG2)
Caitlin W (RAG2)
Boys 10 Years (A)
Thomas K (RAG1)
Alex R (RAG1)
Thomas S (RAG1)
Sam E (RAG2)
Girls 10 Years (A)
Faith B (RAG1)
Alexandra H (RAG1)
Evie M (RAG1)
Elizabeth R (RAG1)
Leah S (RAG1)
Lara T (RAG2)
Girls 9 Years (A)
Martha E (RAG1)
Boys 12 Years (B)
Jacob B (RAG2)
Jacob G (RAG1)
Freddie (RAG1)
Isong (RAG2)
Boys 11 Years (B)
Charlie B (RAG1)
William E (RAG1)
Jack Mi (RAG2)
Jack Se (RAG2)
Girls 11 Years (B)
Joanna B (RAG1)
Isabel B (RAG2)
Ella C (RAG2)
Amelie T (RAG2)
Boys 10 Years (B)
Luke R (RAG1)
Harrison S (RAG1)
Hugo S (RAG1)
Joshua B (RAG2)
Jack Sc (RAG2)
Girls 10 Years (B)
Charlotte B (RAG1)
Lilia R (RAG1)
Aimee W (RAG1)
Amelia K (RAG2)
Edith U (RAG2)
National Junior Swimming League (NJSL) Selection Policy
The Regional Team

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Timekeepers Course (Help Needed)

Hi All,

We are running a timekeepers course (J1) for any parents that are in any squad and would like to help out at future meets.  This is being held on Monday 8th June at 6.30 pm in the Timing Suite (at the end of the balcony).  The course will last approximately one hour.  

Anyone who is interested, please could you let Vicki Spencer know either at the Help desk on the 1st June or by email at


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Regional Training Changes

Good Afternoon,


Please see below a couple of training changes due to the Bank Holiday and Competitions at JCCS


Sunday 17th May - No Training (National Qualifying Meet)

Monday 25th May 

7.00-8.00 (11 & Over)

8.00-9.00 (10 & Under)

No Pm Training

Sunday 31st May - No Training (Sports Aid Meet)

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Your Club Needs You!

Every year the City of Leeds Swimming Club supporters committee raise funds to help support our swimmers.  Most of the money raised is from fundraising at our Gala's through Raffles, Bookstalls and Tombola's. 

We will be fundraising at the City of Leeds National Qualifying Meet and the Summer B Grade Meet.   In order to do this we need your help by donating prizes.  Donations can be anything you feel that would be suitable as a raffle prize or a prize for the tombola. 

 Please see Lucie, Helen or John who can be found on the bookstall on a Monday evening. 

Without your help we cannot support our swimmers. 

Thank you

The Supporters Committee

Friday, 8 May 2015

City of Leeds B Grade Meet 2015

Hi All, 

Below is a link to the programme for the Leeds B Grade Meet which will be held on the 27th & 28th June 2015.  Please can you all check through and email any amendments to no later than Friday 29th May 2015.


The Regional Team

200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test Results

Hi All,

Here are the results from this months kick test.  PB's are highlighted in green.  The next kick test will be held on Monday 1st June.  

All times from the start of the season can be viewed using the link below.

Well Done!!
The Regional Team

Regional 1 200m FS Kick
Louis 03:16.03
Ella B 03:17.68
Maxim 03:20.78
Mia 03:28.22
Joanna 03:30.53
Elizabeth 03:36.19
George 03:36.47
Isabelle  03:40.78
Tom 03:44.13
Charlie 03:47.03
Joe 03:49.87
Eve 03:49.89
Faith  03:50.66
Emilio 03:51.22
Jacob G 03:55.46
Matthew W 03:56.40
Freddie 03:56.56
Thomas Sp 03:57.69
Thomas K 04:00.04
Finlay 04:00.38
Charlotte B 04:09.65
Millie Mc 04:09.69
Evie 04:16.84
Alexandra 04:24.19
Lillia  04:24.91
Aimee 04:44.85
Charlotte K  04:48.01
Zak 04:52.61
Harrison  05:00.79
Alex 05:01.20
Luke 07:10.96
Lucy S Absent
William Absent
Hugo Absent
Leah Absent
Martha  Absent
Chloe Sick
Regional 1 15m U/W
Ella B 8.56
Isabelle  8.84
Louis 9.02
Faith  9.55
Freddie 9.62
Joanna 9.67
George 9.78
Tom 9.81
Maxim 10.04
Emilio 10.06
Charlie 10.11
Alexandra  10.31
Jacob G 10.38
Mia 10.44
Millie Mc 10.47
Charlotte B 10.5
Finlay 10.78
Elizabeth 10.78
Thomas Sp 10.83
Thomas K 11.12
Evie 11.17
Eve 11.21
Joe 11.28
Zak 11.28
Matthew W 11.31
Lillia  11.49
Charlotte K 12.14
Aimee 12.59
Harrison 13
Luke 13.69
Alex 13.69
William Absent
Lucy  Absent
Hugo Absent
Leah Absent
Martha  Absent
Chloe Sick
Regional 2 200m FS Kick
Benjamin B 03:14.78
Ella C 03:15.90
Joseph H 03:28.90
Akal 03:29.28
Caitlin 03:30.43
Ben S 03:30.65
Eve B 03:31.78
Millie Ag 03:37.25
Jenna 03:37.93
Lucy P 03:38.03
Anouska 03:39.57
Libby 03:39.99
Charlotte T 03:40.11
Millie Ai 03:40.43
Eldrick 03:42.90
Alyssa 03:43.53
Amelie 03:46.22
Jacob B 03:48.03
Jasmine 03:48.22
Jack Se 03:55.65
Abby 03:56.47
Jack Mi 04:00.22
Lara 04:05.28
Harry 04:05.72
Sam 04:06.23
Elle 04:15.60
Emily 04:21.93
Kendra 04:27.83
Isong 04:28.33
Joshua 04:32.97
Edie 04:39.50
Jack Sc 05:07.08
Niamh Absent
Isabel B Absent
Josie Absent
Amelia  Absent
Regional 2 15m U/W
Eve B 8.19
Akal 8.21
Benjamin B 8.25
Jenna 8.53
Caitlin 8.66
Alyssa 8.72
Ella 8.75
Ben S 8.76
Libby 8.94
Millie Ai 9.09
Jacob B 9.14
Charlotte T 9.18
Anouska 9.21
Jasmine 9.24
Joseph H 9.35
Jack Mi 9.36
Eldrick 9.36
Millie Ag 9.51
Elle 9.51
Harry 9.55
Jack Se 9.67
Abby 9.77
Amelie 10.12
Isong 10.55
Lara 10.58
Lucy P 11.05
Emily 11.16
Sam 11.16
Kendra 12.04
Joshua  12.27
Jack Sc 12.46
Edie 13.07
Niamh Absent
Josie Absent
Isabel B Absent
Amelia Absent

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

ASANER Age Group Championships 2015

Hi All,

This is just a reminder to any swimmers who achieved any additional North Eastern qualifying times over the weekend at the Doncaster Meet.  

Vicki Spencer will be taking any additional entries on Monday 11th May.

Swimmers should enter ALL events they have qualified for.  This is one of the harder competitions in the Regional calendar to qualify for and anyone who has achieved a time (even if it is only in one event) should swim.  This meet is a fantastic opportunity to compete against the fastest swimmers in the North East.

The Regional Team

Monday, 4 May 2015

Doncaster Dartes May Day Meet 2015

After two long and tiring weekends we have had some fantastic results and some very big PB's.  We hope you are all enjoying your well deserved day of rest.  The coaching staff are very happy and proud of you all.

With the Big NER's coming up and the next City of Leeds B Grade Meet please try and attend all the sessions you can.  This will give yourself the best chance of success.

Regional 1 achieved 127 PB's out of 143 Swims11 Gold Medals, 11 Silver Medals, 20 Bronze Medals, 34 Runners Up Medals, 21 more Yorkshire times and 8 more NER times.

StarGold Medalists (7)Star
Jacob G (3), Ella B (2), Matthew (2), Isabelle G (1), Chloe (1), Louis (1), Maxim (1)

StarSilver Medalists (5)Star
Isabelle G (5), Matthew (3), Faith (1), Ella B (1), Maxim (1)

StarBronze Medalists (11)Star
Eve J (3), Tom St (3), Louis (3), Chloe (2), Matthew (2), Ella B (2), Zak (1), Isabelle G (1), Charlie (1), Emilio (1), Faith (1), 

Runners Up Medals

12 4th Place Medals (12)
Zak (2), Eve J (2), Ella B (2), Matthew (1), Tom St (1), Chloe (1), Louis (1), Emilio (1), Martha (1), 

11 5th Place Medals (9)
Jacob G (2), Elizabeth (2), Eve J (1), Chloe (1), George (1), Charlie (1), Emilio (1), Martha (1), Evie (1)

11 6th Place Medals (10)
Emilio (2), Charlotte B (1), Eve J (1), George (1), Tom St (1), Louis (1), Jacob G (1), Faith (1), Elizabeth (1), Joanna (1)

Regional 2 achieved 125 PB's out of 152 Swims4 Gold Medals, 8 Silver Medals, 15 Bronze Medals, 35 Runners Up Medals, 14 more Yorkshire times and 5 more NER times.

StarGold Medalists (4)Star
Anouska (1), Jenna (1), Ben S (1), Ella C (1),
StarSilver Medalists (8)Star
Jenna (1), Ben S (1), Harry Mi (1), Ben B (1), Akal (1), Sam (1), Caitlin (1), Amelia (1)
StarBronze Medalists (11)Star
Ben S (3), Amelia (2), Sam (2), Jenna (1), Harry Mi (1), Joseph (1), Ben B (1), Eldrick (1), Akal (1), Jack Se (1), Jasmine (1)

Runners Up Medals

14 4th Place Medals (9)
Harry Mi (3), Eldrick (2), Jack Mi (2), Jack Se (2), Eve B (1), Millie Ag (1), Charlotte T (1), Abby (1), Jack Sc (1)

13 5th Place Medals (9)
Amelia (2), Jenna (2), Eldrick (2), Niamh (2), Kendra (1), Anouska (1), Joseph (1), Caitlin (1), Charlotte T (1)

8 6th Place Medals (7)
Akal (2), Anouska (1), Eldrick (1), Eve B (1), Millie Ag (1), Jack Se (1), Millie Ai (1)

Another fantastic meet.  Great Effort!!! 

Results can be viewed by clicking the link below

'I came out here to beat everyone in sight and that is exactly what I'm going to do.  Sure, I can do anything'

The Regional Team Be right back

Thursday, 30 April 2015

200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test Results

Hi All,
As there is no Training on Monday 4th May this months kick test will be on the following days.
Wednesday 6th May - Regional 2
Thursday 7th May - Regional 1
The Regional Team

End of Season Meet

Hi All,
Just to make you all aware of the plans up to the end of the season.  For those swimmers not going to Wales we will be adding an end of season meet to our competition programme. This will give you all something to focus and train hard for.  Hopefully this is the meet where you will get your best times this year.
The meet we will be going to is the Sheffield July 2015 Summer Meet (Level 3) held at Ponds Forge on the 25th & 26th July.
The Regional Team

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Dartes May Day Open Meet

Hi All,

Below are the arrival times and information for this weekends competition.  

Saturday & Sunday Am Sessions
Arrive: 07:30
Warm Up: 08:00
Start: 09:00

Saturday & Sunday Pm Sessions
Arrive: 12:30
Warm Up: 13:00
Start:  14:00

Lets have another great weekend of racing.  Good Luck to everyone who is competing.

A reminder from the team managers
Please remember to have Leeds T-shirts and some kind of pool shoes for the meet this coming weekend as marshalling can be cold and slippy at Leeds.

Training Changes
Friday 1st May - 19:00 - 20:00 (Just one hour)
Sunday 3rd May - No Training (Dartes May Day Open Meet)
Monday 4th May - No AM or PM Training (All off to recover from two weekends of competing)

Any swimmers who usually train with Josh (Long Course) on a Monday morning and only attend one morning a week should attend Thursday morning instead.

The Regional Team